Comments for Why Disneyland Should Reopen With an After Dark Event


  1. Anonymous

    Why would the events have to be at night? Given that the parks aren’t open, why couldn’t they be during the day? How would it be an “after hours” event when currently, with the exception of Buena Vista Street/Hollywood/Grizzley Airfield, the parks don’t even have “hours”?

  2. Chris

    Considering Newsom changes the rules every time Disney makes any headway towards reopening and does so to specifically force them to close, there is no way he would ever agree, he is blatantly trying to keep Disneyland from reopening at all. And it is very obvious that the rules changes are specifically targeting Disney, unfortunately others get caught in the crossfire.

    1. Andrew

      Yes, our governor is focused on Disneyland in the middle of a surge during a pandemic.

      He’s doing his job to try and limit the spread of this virus. Disney is not the place to be right now.

      1. harry

        and thats where you are wrong
        tell me where is the wise and amazing data our lord and savior newsom has claimed he has.
        The CA parks asked and he never showed it to them so tell me I need to know

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