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california stay at home order


  1. Disneyland please just move to another state that will allow you to reopen. Take down all the attractions, fill in the tunnels and water features. Sell the property and open in another state that will welcome you and the thousands of jobs you can supply. The money you have already lost and the money you are going to loose opening and closing over and over for the next several years. You’ll be ahead in the future. And we can start enjoying Disneyland again.

    1. Kim

      Texas is always welcome and perfect for a brand new way way way bigger theme park!!! Just sad what that liar is doing to everyone in the state and you know yes going still have secret big gathering and Christmas. The country needs too see his truth all the way and recall some better!!

  2. Lauren

    California will kill what’s left of its economy. Only the wealthy are doing well. These tight restrictions still haven’t made much difference in “recovery.” Maybe this is all by design.

  3. Chirs

    If Disney pulls out of California it will be another nail in Californias failing economy. Millions not thousands are leaving Cali, and why not? The good weather can only go so far when you live in a tent next to the 99. California is the perfect example where the rich get richer and the poor are left in the cold to die there. Great job Democrats.

  4. RR

    Or, get this!!! If people can just stay home and wear masks for a few weeks out of their lives, things can eventually reopen! Wow! Maybe Disneyland will open when people stop acting selfish and like COVID isn’t real. Whoa!!! I hope Disneyland stays closed, people don’t deserve nice things if they’re going to act like nut jobs.

    1. Chris

      Calm down Karen, stay in your house if you’re scared. Let us live our lives

      1. EP

        Here’s a better idea for you! Why don’t you stay at home since you’re scared and the rest of us can go back to living and get on with our lives! People like you are the reason this continues to get worse.

        1. emery

          it’s not that we are scared, WE ARE BEING SAFE! call it what you want but YOU are the reason that we can’t reopen anything. if people like you could stop being selfish and would just actually listen to the guidelines then maybe things would be able to reopen. oh and what kind of reverse logic do you have in your brain that makes you think that the people who are being safe and staying home are the reason that the coronavirus still exists? it is because of people like YOU, selfish people who won’t wear a mask or who don’t stay home or who go out with their friends, are the reason why the coronavirus still exists.
          stop being selfish!

          1. Michael

            Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Karen.

          2. get off the internet

            safe stupid
            WhAt’S ThE dIfFeRAnCe

    2. Neal

      Get over it. Let all of us who aren’t scared go back to living and YOU stay home.

  5. Doug Anderson

    0pen the resort..go if you want..say home if you want..the china flu has a 99.80% survival rate…

    1. harry

      exactly yet people throw out evidence like that and it’s crazy.

    2. Tina

      Best comment , perfectly stated.Thank You.

  6. Michelle

    Gavin Newsom is nothing but a power crazed dictator. He orders us to stay home while he has a party at a fancy restaurant. Guess the rules don’t apply to the wealthy, only us peons.

    1. harry

      rules for thee not for me

    2. Frustrated As Hell

      You mean emperor nuisance? This tyrant has also gone by the title of füher, on other blog comments, across the web.
      Schools can stay closed for YOUR kids, but MY kids can go to their in-person private school, get exposed to the virus, and then I’ll blame a CHP patrolman.
      No indoor dining, but I’ll go to French Laundry in Napa for a party for one of my friends, and with some people on the state medical board who tell YOU what’s up, (and are also lobbyists), also in attendance. No masks, no social distancing, and that’s okay.
      My sociopath auntie can get her hair done at a salon, but YOU CANNOT!
      The economy is tanking, and we are going to become lower than a third world country, if this keeps up.
      But that’s what the emperor wants- a complete dive into communism, just like the Soviet Union, during the Cold War.

  7. harry

    under newsom
    the stay at home will never end
    I watched a video talking about the vaccines
    According to health officials, We need to keep doing safety measures til the end of 2021 when 60-70% immunity occurs across the country

  8. Thomas Nicolai-vargas

    Wow nasty comments here. Moving Disneyland to Texas? O.K. that is not going to happen. Would take years to do anyway. But I would love it if Disney did build another North American park and Texas is the middle of the country. We are all bummed out. But I hope things return to normal soon. I probably won’t bother with downtown Disney for retail only. Especially if they gouge me $ 10 for parking. I would be fine with validation if you spent a certain amount. It is just a big hassle if you can’t even get a drink or a

  9. CarolineRN

    To the smart logical people commenting here don’t give this “RR” any credit for being rational.
    This person says if people would just stay home a few weeks and wear masks things could reopen!!
    From what the rest of us can see and have had to endure it’s been a H E C K of a lot more than weeks.
    Try at least 6 months.
    Most are staying home wearing masks etc.
    Just not your own Governor.

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