Comments for Disneyland Lays Off Over 11,000 More Cast Members


Credit: Disney


  1. Cat

    This isn’t new information. It’s the same cast members (included in the 28,000 figure) that were notifed last month of their termination. They received 2 months salary exit packages which ends on December 31st, they are beginning to clear out their cubicles now. An additional 1,800 will be furloughed from the Disneyland Resort. Articles like this can be misleading. And scare the wits out of us CMs still furloughed hoping to not lose their career jobs of 28+ years.

  2. Chris

    Honestly, how can Newsom live with himself, even though these may not be additional layoffs, it is still wrong and completely preventable. We know Disney and other theme parks can reopen safely and get at least some of these people back to work. Instead Newsom is intentionally preventing people from getting back to work for his own benefit and to justify programs that he wants like project homekey.

  3. CaBchmom

    People are not even visiting what is open as growing numbers if Covid-19 grow. Disney in Paris also closed. Newsome is doing the right thing. However, cast members should also get stimulus checks from our government. Hopefully, there is an end in sight with the wonderful researchers and doctors at Moderna and Phizer. A vaccine is available and we can all go back to Disneyland safely in 2021.

    1. Keith P. Reynolds

      Newsom is not doing the right thing. His actions have cost the jobs and livelihood of thousands of people. How is this right? If you don’t feel safe going to Disneyland, don’t go. There hasn’t been an increased in Covid cases in Florida since WDW has opened. Do what is right, governor!

  4. Ed

    Hope that some one will take notice that people are going to be living in poor unhealthy conditions because of Covid19 and losing their incomes.

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