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disneyland hub changes

Credit: Left (top): Disney; Left (bottom): MicahFlies; Right: Disney


  1. Indy

    I’ve been a few times during some of these refurbishments before they closed. The Frontierland entrance has always been far enough away from the hub and behind trees so that you don’t really see it from the central part of the hub. The Tomorrowland rocks, however, where quite visible from the center and that change has made a noticable difference. The curbs were also all lowered, which you didn’t mention, so the street flows into the sidewalk now. It’s always been a bit of a stumbling point navigating the are when really crowded. Of course now there is no curb to sit on for parades so it’s a double edges sword.

  2. I was staying my house because I was watching the old movie musicals.

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