Disney World Phased Reopening Continues! More Resorts Reopen

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A sign of Disney's All-Star Resort Movies

During the ongoing pandemic, many things at Disney World have been a little different than normal, including the fact that not all Disney World Resort hotels are open.

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Usually, when Guests want to book a Disney Resort hotel but can’t it is due to availability or a refurbishment, not just because it is closed. Well, it seems like things are beginning to get back on track when it comes to Disney World Resorts as closed hotels begin to open.

Here’s what we know now about the progress being made to continue to reopen the Disney Resort hotels:

  • Disney’s All-Star Moves Resort reopens on March 22
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort reopens on May 30
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge reopens on June 6

Below is the official announcement from Disney:

We continue to take a measured and deliberate approach to reopening our Walt Disney World Resort hotels, and as of today, are now accepting bookings for:

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort for arrivals beginning March 22
Disney’s Beach Club Resort for arrivals beginning May 30
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge for arrivals beginning June 6.

As we previously shared, future reopening dates of Disney Resort hotels are subject to change and Guests’ reservations could still be modified to other Disney Resort hotels.

So at the moment, it seems that Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge will all have availability soon!

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Guests are already thinking ahead and booking new reservations in time for Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021. With the parks slowly beginning to return to “normal” in terms of capacity slowly increasing, and offerings such as holiday castle projections on Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom with a small firework burst as we miss Happily Ever After beginning to remind us what it used to be like, the urge to return to Disney World is only growing. The Disney World parks may be a little different for now, but that only will make your Disney vacation a once in a lifetime event! If you want the experts to help you plan a Disney World vacation so you can celebrate with Mickey Mouse and the gang as the Resort turns 50, click here to begin today! 

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Will you be staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, or Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in 2021?

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