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  1. NoVA_Matt

    From an engineering standpoint, the WDW PeopleMover seems to be a fairly complex system. I would guess, if they are serious about refurbishing the ride, they may be focusing on the controls systems that manage the entire ride process – that system not only triggers the magnets that propel the vehicles, but also oversees all the safety systems that are interlocked to ensure riders and equipment are as protected as possible. Given the publicly available reports of several ride malfunctions over the last few years and advancements in controls systems that have taken place since the TTA was first installed at WDW in July 1975, maybe they are taking the time to bring these systems into the 21st century instead of removing the ride completely? These are just my own personal thoughts, and I’m not affiliated with WDW in any capacity – just a fan of the PeopleMover.

  2. Cindy caine

    Bc wdw wants rides to come back safe instead of running half i can not be bothered like us at universal! I am in JW that raptor coaster is going to have more delays then hp and issues up the wazzo at least disney cares.

  3. Davis

    TTA has always been running into issues and right now w the tron construction in the final stretch they wanted to make sure it wasnt running around it made good timing for a rehab! That ride runs on solar charge plates ala gmr did and energy so think those things but outdoors w elements plus wear and tear! Plus lots of e stops from people standing!

    1. Mark

      Not really how it works. The people mover trains have no motors or anything electrical in them at all. The plates in the track are electromagnets that attract and repell metal plattens under the ride vehicles, providing the movement.

      Guide by wire vehicles like in GMR, Jolly Trolly, Buena Vista Street trolly, Tower of Terror, and ROTR and M&MRR work by stopping over charging plates where either a physical connection is made to the vehicle, or an induction plate transfers power over a short distance to the vehicle to recharge batteries or capacitors that provide power to the vehicles motors and sound systems.

      1. Davis

        Except your wrong bc i am security whose been around the block and tta is a huge culprit as much as gmr was bc of it esp e stops too many can reset a ride plate damage etc. Cars die mid ride etc. Its more than dummy standing but we get called in for a lot. I have walked tta its not the safest journey either.

  4. Mark

    I had heard that the Electromagnet plates had been failing at a fast and faster rate. They have been due for replacement and the park was doing so one at a time as they fail. I believe that a decision was made to extend a rehab and complete all the work at once so that it become a lot more reliable once it reopens.

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