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  1. Indy

    I hope they do not bring it back. It makes wait time soooo long. A single stand by line negates any time saved from 2 or 3 FP uses. So it just isn’t good. The idea that you “guarantee you get on a ride” is nonsense. If no FP existed your wait time for all attractions would be less overall.

  2. Patti

    Would rather have fast pass then park hop. Was there in October and felt like all I got to do was stand in line. Wait times were high for the capacity.

  3. LL

    Should bring it back immediately. The time to test it out is while the crowd levels are less. Some tweaking will likely be required, but I’m convinced FastPass+ helps spread the crowds out across the park, in-turn, making a safer environment.


      This! I agree 🙂

      1. Brooke

        I agree! I love fast passes!


    This! I agree 🙂

  5. Danielle Bayliss

    Disneyworld will not be the same without FastPass. We are diligent and structured in timing our FastPasses and planning our day around the FastPass schedule. This does require some prep work up front, but in our last 3 Disney trips we have never waited longer than 20 minutes in any line and have experienced every attraction we’ve wanted. The value of a Disney vacation is tremendously increased with FastPass. Those that feel they are waiting longer because of FastPass are just not using the service well. It does take some practice and there is a learning curve. It is possible to be really good at FastPass and that makes the vacation a million times more worthwhile. Keeping my fingers crossed it comes back.

    1. Shar T

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

  6. Jim

    I pray they bring back Fastpass! It allows the real WDW fanatics, like us, to maximize the day. We put in the effort prior to the trip; I would like to receive the rewards. We probably are the ones coming back every year too.

  7. Shar T

    Standing in line now! Worst Disney trip ever and we come at least twice a year. The park is extremely packed – feels in no way that they are only letting in a small % of guests. The wait for every ride is super long. Never waited this much! Won’t be coming back next year- kids are miserable aka so are we!

    1. sdereis

      I agree! With lines leading from other sections of the park for every ride, it’s as crowded as 100% capacity.

  8. sdereis

    There are already a “different” version for the FastPass being used now. I was using the standby lines and kept seeing people going through the FastPass lines. When asked, the cast member said it was for predetermined disabled guests. I immediately call BS on that! Seeing people in wheelchairs in standby while people ran through the disabled lines. It’s always been about the money

  9. YES…YES AND YES!!!! The wait times are insane for every ride in every park. Disney is king at innovation. If they need to alter the previous fastpass system then they should do so. With the parks only be open for 10 hours right now a person could legotimately spend 4 of those 10 hours in line. Something needs to change. Its disappointing. Makes me regret my current trip.

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