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  1. Cindy caine

    Yes its hit capacity but % capacity not full like us at universal and folks follow rules there! I be happy if universal cared like wdw instead of pretending!

    1. HL

      Universal is doing just fine my god they have capacity limits LESS actually than disney and they have the SAME RULES as disney so you haven’t got a leg to stand on

      1. Cindy caine

        I wrk there and you do not genius they are not doing anything right and there is so much concern.

  2. Davis

    Craziness of the holidays ensue but as news to report its still not as crowded as capacity still on hold and after holidays plan to be 25% again if anyone is worried! Masks and safety is being upheld and no trouble to report in from this member of security! Have a safe holidays one and all!

  3. DEE

    Ummm.. that’s most definitely NOT a parking lot at a Disney park. We have angled parking.

    1. Mark

      That could be studios they are straighter now but i am going to agree! Though not many parks are straight. Even here in hershey we have a system and lots.

  4. KJ

    I was at Epcot yesterday. It was far from empty. I parked in Discover, Row 17. And i got there 40 min after opening. 2 weeks ago it was empty enough that i parked in Reserved parking. There was little social distancing and I saw plenty of people not adhering to the “you can remove your mask only when eating and drinking while stationary”. A group of easily 15, walked by me and nobody was wearing their mask because they were all walking/eating/drinking. People were still walking 5-6 across and not allowing room for people trying to get around them. The lines for outdoor kitchens were marked off, but people kept cutting through them to do the “treasure hunt “ thing. And dont get me started on how crowded the Springs was. Disney can say they limit attendance and mandate masks and social distancing all they want but there is no way that was happening yesterday

    1. bruh

      I don’t understand why you even go to a theme park if you’re concerned with people not following guildlines. If you are in a theme park DURING THE HOLIDAYS it will be crowded,social distancing is a lot harder to do and by harder i mean IMPOSSIBLE
      If you don’t like that…………
      STAY HOME it isn’t rocket science it is just common sense
      I’m not scared so I don’t care about these things and it frees me up to enjoy my vacation instead of worrying about how this family isn’t standing still and eating because COVID KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STANDING STILL AND WALKING.
      just stop

  5. Billbodoggins

    I’ll post this praise for WDW. When posting ride wait times they almost always report wait times that are higher than the actual line. We timed a lot of the lines last week and many of them were actually about 1/2 of the posted wait time. Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Flight of Passage. All had wait times of 45 or 55 minutes. Splash and BTM took 23 minutes. FoP took less than 30. Space Mountain said 35 and took 17. I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll have the same experience that I did but I’m just glad that they usually shoot high instead of low. If they say 25 and it takes 50 people get upset. If it says 50 and takes 25 people are pretty excited. Our experience last week was that wait times were typically about half of whatever was posted.

  6. A wish i was a flamingo

    Those of you whom complain about mask policies at least these companies care …. go to the busch parks no distancing no mask control and no capacity!! Its a covid breading ground i was so scared i went to get tested! It was that bad i feel safe at wdw uni not so much but it is what it is and i love uni more than wdw! But it is what it is stay safe everyone and if you can not wear a mask for yourself safe a life for someone else!

  7. Sabrina

    Disney needs to increase their capacity, and potentially start selling AP’s again.

    1. Davis

      I heard aps will be back once bb reopens in march! We will be lowering hrs and capacity though for off season. Though i would not expect even when you do get ap back to get in most of march and april are booked!

  8. Larry

    What were the numbers? How many people were let into each park when they determined limits had been reached?

    1. Davis

      Thats being track by the park pass system. Right now its 50-75% depending on size of park it will go back to 25% this is only for holidays!

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