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  1. I was there on Jan. 1, 1972 when Disney World first opened and I was there for the 25th anniversary. I plan on taking my 18 year old grandson who just graduated this year. We were supposed to go this year but because of the pandemic, we decided to postpone til things got better. I have been about 17 times and the last time was 2016. Always took my kids when they were small and now have taken all 6 of my grandkids. So thrilled my oldest grandson shares my love of Disney too.

  2. Bill & Pat Lam

    My wife and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We are planning on spending it where we had our honeymoon. Disneyworld. See you this fall Tink and Mickey.

  3. Karen Smith

    I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday in WDW in March. Just 71 days away!

  4. Jennifer

    I plan on celebrating my 50th at Magic Kingdom in July, then it’s 50th in October!

  5. Tina Martin

    We are now” making memories”with our precious grandson after holding Annual Passes for 27 consecutive years we look forward to “Being Your Guest” many times over.Disney World and Disneyland are going to only get better as they return to normal these Parks are so important to all involved.

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