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  1. NDR

    It’s our rights as Americans to choose how to live our lives, we have no responsibility for another adult. Disney should be absolutely ashamed of it’s archaic, communistic rules and regulations in the free, democratic society!! #myfacemyrules

    1. Ariel

      Yes, your face your rule, but remember: their park, their rules. As a business they are free to set safety requirements as they wish as long as they apply to all participants within reason. If you want to be face mask free, stay out of establishments that require them – going to Disney is not a right.

      1. Bobbi

        Well said, just because you spend a lot of money, it does not give you the right to put other people at risk

      2. Matthew Blunt

        The percentage of the population that has had covid is growing everyday. I’m a survivor… why do I need to wear a mask? Will they keep mask on those that have been vaccinated?

        I wore a masks in the beginning and had no problem with it. Even though they are practically useless. Shelter in place if you’re still at a high risk. But it’s time for society to move on.

      3. Anonymous

        Here here. I agree with you. Their park, their rules. And as Americans shouldn’t we be helping each other get through this. We’ve already lost so many. Do we really want to add more people to the list.

    2. Paul

      Interestingly, both the Constitution and the rulings of the Supreme Court disagree with you. You have never had, and will never have, unlimited freedom that may result in you hurting other people.

      The Constitution: Read It. Learn it. Live it.

      1. Rashid

        So how are we allowed to drive cars? Might hurt someone…
        Quit living in fear. Nobody is responsible for protecting your health.

        1. Paul

          Rashid, incorrect. Why are there federally mandated safety belts, a LATCH child safety seat system, electronic stability control, and front airbags? Why are there state mandated rules of the road? Why are you required to have insurance? Why can you be put in jail for violating driving laws?

          We all live with requirements and boundaries. The classic supreme court ruling is, no, you cannot yell, “Fire!” in a theater. It puts people at risk.

          It’s a continual balance with primarily the 2nd, 4th, and 8th amendments that the Supreme Court takes into account, weighing individual rights against public safety.

        2. LlacLac

          Why can’t nudists enjoy Disney let? It’s not their responsibility to protect others from seeing the human body?

        3. Eric Benson

          Oh i agree cars are dangerous…thats why there are things like speed limits,seat belt laws and why driving drunk/high/on a cell phone are illegal and why you need to take a test and have a specil lisence

      2. Paul

        Rashid, incorrect. Why are there federal safety standards for cars? Why are you required to have insurance? Why are there federal and state regulations for driving cars? Why can you be fined or put in jail for violating those laws?

        They’re all there for protection and safety of others.

        I’m wondering…do any of you deniers (climate, COVID, whatever) even stop to think before you post?

    3. Jamie


      1. Bob Ross

        Ok Karen

    4. Peter Guthrie

      Disney has every right it’s private property every business in this country has a right to refuse service to any individual as long as it doesn’t discriminate against that individual. If you don’t like their rules don’t go to their Park put your mask on leave it on and you’re not doing it for your own safety you’re doing it for the safety of the people around you

      1. Bobbie


    5. Sandy J Renfroe

      And if you feel that way, then you can’t help but agree that it is unacceptable for ANYONE to tell a woman what she can do with her own body. Her bidy, her rules.

    6. Eric Benson

      So you would be ok with a person driving drunk/high going 100 mph in a school zone while not wearing a seatbelt while your on the road….or eating in a restaurant that doesn’t follow basic health/sanitaion laws.

  2. Jason

    Animal Kingdom, after the part on Everest where you get yanked backward (and watch a Yeti destroy your upcoming tracks), they kept us stopped in a cave then a lady said on the speakers to someone to put on their mask.
    I’m a bit torn. I understand it’s a means of “shaming” someone, like, your’re making everyone else suffer so you can break rules. But I’ve seen them look at a few others and act like they didn’t see them, as well. I honestly think instead of stopping rides or ignoring… just throw them straight out. Talk about your murican rights all you want, but just like any other company they reserve the right to refuse to service.

  3. DVC sucks


  4. Tamara

    Not only stop the rides, take that maskless, possible death spreader and walk them out, never to return! Majority rules.

    1. Josh Curtiss

      It is worse when businesses go out of business. Yes, our world right now sucks, but you never know when it will get better.

  5. JByron

    Come on people, do we not know how roller coasters work???
    It’s the law of physics and gravity, nobody can stop a roller coaster in mid-stride. However there are points in the ride where they apply “breaks” to slow it down or even the drive to climb a hill, that is where the coaster can be stopped.

  6. Dis fan

    I hate the masks, but still wear it, if ya take it off, you should be banned for life, less people in lines, 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Denise

    Think it is time to stop the mask madness booked a 10 day stay in Disney for June if masks are still enforced will definitely be canceled !

    1. Tyler

      Good, please cancel it so the rest of us who care about people other than ourselves have less lines.

  8. Rashid

    This might be the most idiotic thing I’ve read in a while.

    Why are masks required on rides? The covid will blast into my face at 30mph? Yet I can sit there and eat something for an hour on a bench maskless as thousands of are walk by.

    This virus has turned into a mental disease. The fear level is completely unwarranted.

    Anyone see the recent study showing average annual deaths are right in line with every other year… Yeah you probably didn’t because it doesn’t fit the narrative those in power need to keep pushing.

    Wake up people.

    1. Matt

      You make mention of a study but don’t take the extra moment to share a link.

      Because it doesn’t exist. The study you’re referencing was in fact a meme that has been thoroughly debunked.

    2. Peter Guthrie

      Are you serious I’ve been sitting in a house now for nine months because I have pre-existing conditions and it’s idiots like you that have kept this plague going and keep spreading it

  9. Christian

    You don’t want to follow the rules, don’t go.

  10. Maskless4ever

    Disney will survive without my money. #overrated

  11. Dawn levine

    All you anti maskers …. where is your basic human decency?
    And im guessing none of you work in a hospital.
    Well why don’t you spend a day in one until you go complaining how your vacationing has been inconvenienced while we are working tiresly to try and save the people who unfortunately get Covid.

    1. Dan

      Out of curiosity, has your self righteous moralizing ever actually changed someone’s mind?

      1. Peter Guthrie

        You know Dan she is right and your an idiot

  12. Raven

    Private businesses have their own rules, what’s so hard to follow, you follow the no shirt, no shoes policy. Plus let’s be for real this is all because you were told to wear a mask, I know plenty of you anti-maskers were probably wearing mask before someone said you have too. Just remembered, when you go to someone’s place of business it’s their rules all the time, if you can’t stand it stay away from them but I don’t know too many places you can go. You can’t walk into someone’s place and say I refuse to follow your rules, it won’t and doesn’t work. That’s a fact.

  13. J

    ’m sorry but this is dumb. You guys are fighting a battle against the power of the media academia and hollywood pushing a narrative that is doing it’s best to keep people angry and divided. Comments won’t do any good. If you feel some type of way about what a business is doing then stop giving said business your money and the three afore mentioned institutions your attention. It’s that simple. Arguing on here only gives power to those you are trying to take it from. Maybe go ride rides places where they DON’T do what you are against. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure there are other theme parks out there. Be safe and don’t further anyone’s agenda today

  14. Peter Guthrie

    Disney has every right it’s private property every business in this country has a right to refuse service to any individual as long as it doesn’t discriminate against that individual. If you don’t like their rules don’t go to their Park put your mask on leave it on and you’re not doing it for your own safety you’re doing it for the safety of the people around you

  15. Davis

    Please whatever you believe do not resort to violence! I am security and had to send folks screaming at me out of the parks to the sheriff dept plus i been punched twice. Please please do yourself a favor esp during this holiday season spread kindness and know others are in this same situation not just you! The whole world is dealing with this! Believe me i want reality to return but the true reality of it is that this is it and i want to be alive to see tomorrow!

  16. Mark

    The mayor just reminded everyone it does not matter what the gov says there is a mandatory mask mandate in orange and Osceola counties… which means you must wear your mask or else!

  17. Wendy Mealing

    I will be PISSED if my ride stops bc of someone else. We pay too much to go there for games. So stupid!

  18. Tonya

    I hope they are removing the rule breaker at the ride’s end and re-running it for everyone else that had their experience interrupted. Otherwise, that’s just sh!tty!

    Regardless of your feelings about face masks, Disney is clear about their mandate prior to entering and if you do not wish to abide, then it is within your rights as an American to not enter.

  19. Bart

    I don’t believe this is correct. When the rides stop, cast members routinely remind guests to leave masks on. I don’t think it was actually an indication that someone removed their mask. I’ve been part of this firsthand.

  20. Scott Allen

    Interesting. Wasn’t it just lask week where two back row ppl on a rise weren’t wearing masks and they photoshopped the masks on their face?

  21. Stephanie Pena

    Lies..I was there at Thanksgiving and rode most rides with my mask off…Test track it blew completely off….nothing ever stopped or was said…just put it back on at the end of the ride.

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