Comments for Could Disney Start Using Robots for Character Meet and Greets?

Disney Meet and Greets

Credit: 20th Century (left); Disney (right)


  1. good article

  2. Chris

    Sorry, but you can’t replace hans with robots, there is personality the robots can’t convey.

    Now there are characters that couldn’t be done by people like say Pascal from Tangled and that would make sense, but not to replace humans.

  3. mark nowak

    robots ,maybe for the ride though attraction, but not in person. For safety and comfort ,I’ve always thought a temperaturr controlled suit like astronauts wear would help keep cast members comfortable and self contained in a fur costume,including their breathing. If they would spend that much on a robot, why not these suits underneath?

  4. Lauren

    Only in very few instances is this doable. Like Baby Groot who was with the Star Lord character. Or BB8 interacting with guests with human assistants to help.

    Robot Mickey, etc., no thanks. People didn’t even like the automated photo box things replacing real photographers.

  5. Mark

    No bc they still have character actors which are nowhere near guests but as a manager i know they still wear masks under masks so we can test to see how long we can go as m&g where are you getting your crazy info now itm!? M&g will be back soon have patience and stop egging on the hate for a site called itm your not one w the magic anymore!

  6. J.

    Terrible idea. Let’s hope they don’t do this.

  7. Judi

    Never! Humans need jobs. When I hug Mickey I want to feel like he’s hugging me back.

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