Comments for Theaters, Streaming, or Both? What Will Disney Choose for 2021?

2021 Disney Movie Release


  1. Thomas

    They would maximise their profits doing a dual release at both Disney+ (on their daft premium rental thing if they must) and in Box Office receipts. People are really at the end of their Covid restriction fatigue now and itching to get out and about and get some semblance of normality back. Cinemas are one of the safest places to go at the moment! My local one there is sanitiser at every turn, the booking system has an algorithm programmed so that you are socially distanced, and you don’t have to wear a mask if eating or drinking, so buy a large popcorn, large drink and a couple bags of sweets and you won’t have to cover up so long as you don’t tuck in during the previews (which I’m always guilty of)

  2. Frank Coufal

    I think Disney should do what Warner Bros. and HBO Max are doing and have most of their 2021 movies premiere on Disney+ the same day they come out in theaters. If they continue to have movies skip theaters completely, it will do more harm than good to any movie theaters that are open. Plus, one of the theaters in my state, Cinepolis, is the only theater I’ve been to for the past few months and it is a lot safer to me, with all their safety measures in place. And there are many people weary from COVID fatigue, including me, that are longing to return to something close to normal, so Disney should also consider that factor.

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