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Disney Flaming Crossing Shopping Center

Credit: Disney


  1. Red

    Disappointing…this was once said to be an “Entertainment District” to replace the old “Crossroads” with unique eateries, entertainment venues, etc…what a let down…this is just like any other city discounted shopping area. ICK! Not a special destination to visit in anyway.

  2. Lauren

    I’m underwhelmed. It sounds like a garden variety outdoor mall or strip center shopping area. Is this the extremely watered down, lower cost version of Disney Springs?

  3. Tom in the O.C.

    I love the concept. So glad they are making a shopping center for the mere mortals that usually stay At the “All Stars”(or similar) or off property. When I go to Disney Springs I can’t relate most of the retail there except for world of Disney. Many of the dining venues save blaze pizza and the burger place are above what I want to spend on Dining. My last trip to WDW I had to find out a Target for necessities. I am sure this will be a hit with families.

  4. Matthew Brewster

    So, Diz wants ANOTHER shopping center? I thought that they already had one after converting the Downtown Disney/ Marketplace into a Megamall, complete with multi-story garages! What WDW really needs, however, are PARKS AND ATTRACTIONS!!!!!

  5. David A

    Another chance for Disney to make money whilst they ignore the wishes of the true Disney fans who have spent thousands on Disney parks and merchandise over many years. Totally disenchanted with the whole Disney franchise following the decisions they have made during the last six months

  6. KenG

    The negative comments here show a huge lack of understanding of what this area is all about.
    First, there will be living (apartments) for CMs (primarily the College Program when it resumes).
    Second, the hotels will cater to folks who want a more affordable place to stay WITH affordable places to eat.
    Third, these businesses such as Target and even the UPS store serves both of these groups. – How many of us when we’ve been on vacation needed to run to a Target or whatever to pick up something? Or if you happen to buy a lot of merchandise having the UPS store nearby to ship it back rather than pack it on a plane is a great service!

    No, I would not stay here because I like staying at a WDW full resort and all that it offers. But I also know it can be difficult to pick up something you may need. Think of families with small kids that find they need an extra change of clothes, baby needs, etc. This area sort of solves all of that and you still have direct access to all of Disney World and still on their property with affordable place to stay, eat and shop.

    Another option is always good!

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