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  1. Davis

    I was just in a major security team meeting and we discussed this and how we are going to handle six ft apart and all those measures at the parks so fireworks could return. There were discussions towards watching it on tvs in hotel if your balcony faces said park from there all the way towards spacing inside! Inside will be difficult esp during holidays! We discussed vq which are unloved esp by security sp fps like the paper ones bands etc. Something to get sections created esp at mk! Epcot you can stand around showcase so its not much of a predicament.

  2. Manny

    If in Animal Kingdom just showing pictures on the tree drew huge crowds at night.

    I was there to witness this and did see a single Disney staff member or security telling people to disperse.

    What tells you fireworks are not going to be worse of a problem?

    I understand that your surveys of park goers are trending to people being upset about no fireworks or parades. Yet as we have seen if people have a problem with wearing masks. Which should also conclude that the same non compliance will be witnessed with crowding.

    Disney is not going to hire more people for the night just for this as that would show increased overhead. This in turn reduces the decider for every move Disney makes which is stock value.

    Instead of spending money on fireworks rehire more staff to cover safety protocols and security to eject people for non compliance of COVID 19 rules.

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