Comments for VIDEO: Disney Cruise Line Adapts to Pandemic

disney cruise line


  1. Misty

    My family and I love Disney Cruises.We have done 8 so far.We will not be getting on any of the ships until this virus gets better or gone.I will not wear mask all day around the ship.Or do this or that because its the new norm.To me it will ruin the fun and freedom you have on the cruise before this virus.To Many rules and guidlines you have to do especially witt the Money you pay.So we will Walt.

  2. mary loeza

    I dont think the announcement was made that all cruising is cancelled through March 2021.

    1. Mar

      I agree we actually have a cruise booked end of March and haven’t got official confirmation from Disney.

  3. Kass

    Where are you getting they canceled until March!? We are booked and have yet to hear anything?

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