Comments for Disney+ Has Just Added An Epic New Collection!


  1. Jessie

    Ummm…is this gonna include Song of the South???‍♀️

    1. Thomas

      Only when Song of the South is part of the official Animated Studios canon, which it has NEVER been, in the same way that Mary Poppins isn’t and Bedknobs and Broomsticks isn’t! Why can’t people get their heads round the fact ‘Song of the South’ is not part of the official 58 Animated Movie canon. This canon is made of the movies made by the Animated Studios which are more than 90% or more animated, Song of the South is only about 25% animated.

      I do agree that Song of the South should be made available, even on a limited release as most people haven’t seen it and are judging it based on hearsay rather than fact, I watched it as a kid and thought it was one of the most boring movies I’d ever watched. But I think people should get a chance to make their own minds up. But it will never be included in a collection of movies from the Animated Studios canon.

  2. Thomas

    This isn’t exactly a brand new collection on Disney+, if you do a simple search then you could find all the movies (except Make Mine Music) from this collection, the only new thing about this is that they’ve been bracketed together so they’re all in one place. I think they should get Make Mine Music on there so that it is the full collection, but then I think Enchanted should be on the app too.

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