Comments for Theaters vs. Disney+: Disney Clarifies 2021 Movie Releases

Disney Movies 2021


  1. Mark

    He does know warner bros similar decsion pissed off most of hollywood and screwed timing etc. Off for everyone else to the pt actors are protesting not wrking for wb again…. again why do i support this company?!

  2. Thomas

    Doing a dual release on Disney+ (for the premier price) and in Cinemas is the perfect solution in my opinion. Not everyone can afford a monthly subscription to Disney+ and for that they’re currently being punished and missing out on new movies, whereas they might save up for a trip to the cinema as a treat and a day out, which is what I do. I hate being told to stay home when there isn’t a lockdown on, so if there’s something on at the cinema I fancy I will go and watch it. People are growing lethargic of restrictions and god knows one day the internet will go down for a few months people will have to go out and interact and do things outside of their houses.

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