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Credit: Disney (castles/Mickey)/ABC Action News (DeSantis)/AP (Newsom)


  1. harry

    he is a plague to the great state of california
    He forces everyone to comply with his absurd rules THEN flatout ignores them himself and goes out to dinner in a huge gathering
    THEN he says a half-baked apology and then ships orange county in the purple zone.
    now lets talk about his COVID ZONES
    the zones he made are so unrealistic that you’re guaranteed the purple zone for 5 months at best.
    here are his zones
    Widespread (purple): Counties with more than 7 daily new cases per 100,000 residents or higher than 8% positivity rate
    Substantial (red): 4 to 7 daily new cases per 100,000 residents or 5-8% positivity
    Moderate (orange): 1 to 3.9 daily new cases per 100,000 or 2-4.9% positivity
    Minimal (yellow): Less than 1 daily new case per 100,000 or less than 2% positivity
    i can name a hell of a lot of issues with this and i’m going to
    1. why oh why is the purple zone more than 7 cases per ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE do you know how insane that sounds
    so to get out of purple zone, you need to have a huge decrease in case count to even get close to the red zone which is still a crap sandwich at 4-7 FOUR TO SEVEN and in order to get down to the yellow tier. you need to kill the virus for good.
    Disneyland is officially a historical site never to be opened to the public again.
    There is no logic to any of these systems he has in place.
    10 PM curfew BeCaUsE COVID oNlY StRiKes AfTer TEN
    It’s like if the purge was a virus and it only had from 10 pm til 5 am to infect anyone before waiting til the next night to strike again.
    If anyone believes in newsom doing a good job

    ʰᵃˢⁿ’ᵗ ᵇᵉᵉⁿ ᵉˣᵖᵉʳᶦᵉⁿᶜᶦⁿᵍ ʰᵃʳᵈˢʰᶦᵖ ʷᶦᵗʰ ʷᵒʳᵏ ᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵗʳᵘᵍᵍˡᵉˢ ᵒᶠ ᵇᵉᶦⁿᵍ ˡᵃᶦᵈ ᵒᶠᶠ ᵒʳ ᵃʳᵉ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵖˡᵃᶦⁿ ᶦᵍⁿᵒʳᵃⁿᵗ
    He has taken a science and data based approach to the virus yet won’t tell us his damn information for why he is blowing up the state from the inside.
    In conclusion
    recall newsom cause he is a moron who doesn’t understand how to run a state and he should be banned from politics forever
    I’ll know if you read one sentence and then hate on me I can tell

    1. Agree with you 1,000%….Disgrace

    2. Jim Vlahos

      Well you clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

      DeSantis is the one that is a disgrace. Newsom is actually taking the pandemic seriously.

      Just the fact that DeSantis is allowing Disney World to be open is absurd.

      The number of cases per capita in Florida is 48% higher than California.

      The number of deaths per capita in Florida is 77% higher than California.

      It’s pretty obvious that Newsom is handling it much better than DeSantis or really any republican governors.

      Newsom going to a restaurant does kind of make him look bad but he did it at a time when dinning in was allowed at reduced capacity so he didn’t break any rules.

      1. Travis B

        Actually there were restrictions he broke. Closed room, multiple different families. For something 99.9% of the population recovers from, we are killing the country. Don’t believe it? Read the statistics Newsome does not share. Violence, abuse(drug,child,spouse) are way up. Unemployment is way up(and he is going to super expensive dinners) which brings on stress and other mental problems. More people still die of cancer every day. And thats been around and regulated for years. A solution that is not well rounded and considering all aspects is a poor solution. Newsom does things his way, lies about it, and im sure is profiting from it. Another quality Goverment official in it for himself and his family. Not the citizens of California.

    3. Sue

      It’s very true. This is what happens when Democrats are in charge. And just wait it’s going to get worst be they Democrats are going to control the USA. And you watch and see. People are going to be controlled by the government you will
      Not be able to go anywhere

  2. Government has overstepped its boundaries in CA and I am honestly surprised that more lawsuits from every industry in the state have not been filed…….Its the peoples choice…….If you dont feel safe, then stay at home…….If you are not worried, then live your life the way you want……Why does government get to tell people how to live their life’s? Newsom is a complete disgrace and I am so glad I don’t live in that communist state………This is America, not China

  3. I agree with you 100%. We have a moron for a Govenor. I call him Gov. Gruesome!!

  4. April

    I’m amazed there needs to be a third path, when Governor De Santis has done such a good job with his path. Instead of breathing down everyone’s throats, he is allowing the companies to make their own decisions. Imagine that… Freedom of choice. In my area, there’s a mask mandate, but that was a result of local authorities, because the governor allowed local authorities to impose restrictions. This is the way government should be run. Little restrictions at the top, and the will of the people pretty much driving policy.

    1. Natasha

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Can something explain why Disneyland hasn’t sued? What are they waiting for?

      1. Sue

        Because Bob Iger is on the so called plandemic; he is the one who said we should wear masks before Dr. Fauci or the CDC suggested it.

  5. A. Nonymous

    1st off there is ZERO contact tracing taking place at Disney world and the hundreds to thousands of guests coming in from all over the country both bringing, contracting and spreading Covid. Disney is at a financial loss so of course they will ride this wave of sickness and death to appease their shareholders (and don’t forget the executives BIG bonuses while still laying off cast members. DeSantis (or Mayor Quimby from the simpsons both in policy, greed and appearance) is in no way leading by not leading, this is a fallacy and if you believe the integrity of the numbers coming out of Florida you probably also drink the tap water here. Disneyland and Disney world are two different animals, since disneyland consists of mostly locals re-opening would cause an explosion of sickness in the state of California, Disney world on the other hand, as verified by all the license plates in the parking lot, are not being held responsible for spreading Covid because no one is tracking it, people get sick, the same people that don’t care about taking a vacation during a pandemic I BET don’t care about getting tested either. So no harm, no foul except to all the people they give it to and sadly those that have other conditions that will allow it to be severe. Both Hovernors are too far on either side of the spectrum so I can’t agree with either but we do need a unified policy and to any doctor taking a vacation at Disney world I want to see the receipts because most doctors and healthcare workers I know are inundated and trying to do the greater good that most of us can not and care for those in need.

    1. Sue

      Contact tracing is against our individual privacy as well as HIPAA laws. It is not Disney’s nor any business’ place to take that responsibility on as well. There is a 97% recovery rate if you contact covid19. If you are that afraid stay home.

  6. Mark

    Interesting how no spikes are attributed to reopening but CA Gov maintains he’s driven by science. Empirical data that WDW FL has not contributed to an increase is not good enough. Facts are not scientific enough for CA. CA would rather rely on statistical models that assume the underlying data is and remains homogeneous. Anyone with a basic understanding of statistical inference understands that it’s foolish to infer results when human behavior is involved. FL got it correct, learn to live with the virus and take steps to protect the most vulnerable groups.


    Newsome has no idea what he’s doing he’s got California totally upside down he’s killing restaurants he is a hypocrite I don’t agree with any of his ideology

  8. Gabriel Dally

    Of course I want the parks open, but CA’s governor has to put the safety of his citizens first. Stop acting selfish when people are dying. 7 cases per 100,000 doesn’t sound like alot but that would still mean that 7 people in the disneyland resort would be positive. And then 7 turn to 20 then 20 to 100. Then we have another surge. If you want things to get back to normal, then shut everything but supermarkets and hospitals down and stay hone and it would all be back to normal in 2 months.

    1. Sue

      7,000 to 8,000 people die daily in this country; that is over 2,555,000 annually. 2020 had less deaths than 2019. What pandemic?

  9. Janie

    I live in cali and i am happy newsome is doing the right thing vs desantis that wants to kill everyone in his state! Everyone should abibe by mask rules where do you live where you think this is a disney only rule???!!! So tired of it!!! I go to the other parks outside of wdw and wrk at dl you must wear em do something right for once and care about someone else…. those that do not want to wear masks sound like children and guess what most kids wear masks and are fine w it including my teens that have sp needs! So grow up!

  10. Sue

    7,000 to 8,000 people die daily in this country; that is over 2,555,000 annually. 2020 had less deaths than 2019. What pandemic?

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