Comments for Dave Filoni: Rian Johnson Convinced Me to Do Live-Action

dave filoni

Credit: Twitter - Star Wars Holocron


  1. J

    Nice try. Nothing will make us like that hack.

  2. JoeX51

    First off OG StarWars… ?? she is not OG unless you were saw it in a theater in 1977. Johnson can make a good film he just did not make a good Star Wars film that fit in the SW saga. If he made his own film that didn’t completely break the rules of star wars (fuel, Holdo manuever) it might be good. Dave knows Star Wars Rian does not maybe he might have asked Dave to look at his script cause maybe the sequels would be better, I am glad Dave was inspired to go to live action cause some one had to fix the mess Rian made.

  3. Kylo

    Anyone would have confidence doing live action after watching that clown and seeing the garbage he created…

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