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  1. Paul K. Ferrell

    As a Disney-phile and one who is simply so grateful for all that the laid off cast members have done for us and for their loyalty to this organization, I’m simply in a state of mourning. When loyalty and dedication no longer translate into a job, then you gotta go, and hopefully to somewhere where you’ll be appreciated. But as you leave, please know how deeply appreciated you have been by the guests you’ve served. And we will always welcome you back.

  2. Tammy Voeckler

    The blame lies solely on the way the FL Governor handled the coronavirus outbreak in his state. If he had put stricter health precautions in place and required masks and mandatory stay at home orders in his state, and others, the outcome would have been much different. Instead he took away the ability of locally governments to fine violaters. Florida residents need to be looking for a new Governor, one who puts the health and safety of its residents above the almighty dollar.

    1. Summer McRae

      Oh right, you mean like how they did that in California and now the Disneyland park is booming! Umm… no.

      1. Bob Lewis

        Florida isn’t as jam packed as California- and it was the end of tourist season when the virus hit. If we had locked down (I was a longtime resident still there when this happened- I have since moved) things would have been WAY different for that state and its economy.

    2. DMD

      You are so wrong….the blame is on the California governor. If Disneyland could open, the number of layoffs would not be so massive

    3. Billbodoggins

      That comment makes no sense. The Florida governor is keeping employees working. If he went the path of other governors the park would still be closed and there would be many more layoffs than have already been announced

    4. Nick

      Nope, the governor has little to do with it, the precautions were enough but, individually, people didn’t comply enough. Those states which were supposedly way more restricted, like most of the west coast, are seeing a greater degree of outbreak.
      The Us government via the CDC has known for months that the 14 day quarantine is excessive, they finally admitted that and put shorter quarantine guidelines in place yesterday. The 10 days is still excessive and that too will eventually be shortened. Too little, too late.
      There are vaccines from at least 3 different manufacturers that appear to be highly effective. The UK has already approved at least one of them but the US government still hasn’t OKed any.
      So, tell me again how DeSantis could have been a big factor here.

  3. April

    I have an 8th grader who wants to do the DCP when he’s eligible. I hope it comes back. This is all so sad for CMs, college kids, and cultural representatives. 🙁

  4. Dolly edwards

    Love Disney cast members and love our governor! He was referring to the last few stimulus packages that had too many unrelated issues in the bill to get passed.

  5. Matthew Brewster

    All this will fade away and normality will resume as the vaccines proliferate.

  6. Disney Family

    Wait a minute – Isn’t Flordia’s Governor a Trump Suck Up – Why is HIS president not doing / already have done a stimulus package – the House Democrats passed one long, long ago that Mitch McConnell has refused to even have a reading or vote on in the Senate – there is a non-partisan joint house and senate proposal currently that has no hope – how sad that the president cannot get off of himself and work for the people! MOST IMPORTANTLY – LIKE THE FIRST COMMENTOR – THANKS TO ALL THE CM’s WHO TRULY MAKE THE MAGIC – WE LOVE YOU AND ARE THINKING OF YOU – all Disney Lovers should look up a donation site that is helping our Disney friends. Our family cannot wait to visit and be back in the bubble at the World.

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