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we love cara dune

Credit: Lucasfilm/Twitter Gina Carano


  1. Jenny

    Finally no controversy surrounding the actress! People have been attempting to ruin this show because of their need to hate someone so much they think they have the right to make demands about the actress along with the characters fate on the show and in real life! This episode in general was awesome but also sad but great episode none the less!

  2. Timothy Felts

    Keep her on we love Cara dune great show love❤ it!!!!!!

  3. Pam

    Yes please don’t get rid of Gina that role is her “Cara Dune” on Mandolin or a spin off show !!!

  4. Brian Foster

    If Disney gets rid of Gina Carano, everyone needs to BOYCOTT Disney+ and everything else Disney does! Gina has done nothing wrong. She is just being victimized by Twitter clowns who have mental problems; people who just do nothing with their time except look for something to be offended by and try to ruin people’s lives.

    If Disney had a darn brain, they would have never pandered to these clowns and only paid attention to the REAL fans; the paying fans!

    I’ve been boycotting since their lousy Last Jedi movie, but the Mandalorian is the second thing they have done right. The first being Rogue One. And they better not ruin this show by listening to hateful Twitter clowns.

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