Comments for CA Theme Parks, Tourism Pushed Back ‘a Full Decade’ Due to COVID-19

california tourism

Credit: Pexels/Disney/GoldenGate.com/ITM Rebekah Barton


  1. Andrea

    I have never been to CA. And never will go there. I enjoy FLA. I think the gov in CA is part of the problem there. So many homeless people and now so many without jobs. Disney got a kick in the rear fron the democrates and far left, the ones they support so well. Maybe you will learn a lesson and fight for our president Trump and support républicains from now on.

    1. T

      Exactly… this pandemic didn’t set us back 10 years… NEWSOME did… too bad he didn’t disappear with the time warp.

  2. Ed

    You are right on!
    When the Dems reach their goal of everyone depending on government handouts, where will they get the $ ??

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