Is The Infamous Boardwalk Clown Going to Make a Comeback?

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We have been continuing to cover the construction at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Which surprisingly has turned into a fascinating saga of will Disney be removing the polarizing clown head at the pool, or will they keep it?

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This “will they won’t they” has left fans on edge as the clown is TERRIFYING to some Guests.

Back in September, we reported that construction permits had been filed for the Boardwalk’s Luna Park Pool. You can review the construction permit and read more details here. Then, we reported in October that the clown had been covered up and was seen disassembled in the back of a truck. We even had pictures that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the clown was removed!

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Credit: Disney

Guests who were not fans of the Luna Park Pool clown this was very exciting news. However, it is currently December 1st and construction is still ongoing at Luna Park Pool. Recently on Twitter Disney reporter and fan @BrookeGMcDonald shared photos of the construction. The pictures clearly show that the previous spot in which the clown was located is still covered. That made us raise our eyebrows and question, could the clown be coming back?

Disney has not come out and said it was removing the clown. The photos of the clown being disassembled and loaded into the back of a truck do lead us to think it will be replaced, but could it have been extensive maintenance?

This is what Disney has to say about the  construction:

Luna Park Pool at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort may look a little funny as work takes place on the Keister Coaster waterslide. We expect the waterslide to be available again before the end of 2020—though dates are subject to change. Work in the pool area will continue through the end of this year. Luna Park Pool, as well as 2 leisure pools at this Resort hotel, will remain open during this refurbishment.

For now, all we can do is speculate and those for and against can cross their fingers, and hope!

So what do you think? Could the Clown be making a comeback? Are you pro or against the clown returning? Let us know how you feel in the comments!

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