Comments for Bo-Katan Kryze’s Original ‘Star Wars’ Appearance Sells for Over $1,000

bo-katan kryze and din

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Justin h Reynolds

    Isn’t Bo’s sister dead?

    1. Rachel

      Yes. She got impaled by Maul

  2. Dane Jensen

    Um, her first appearance was in Clone Wars in 2012.

  3. Tyler Wood

    This article is totally incorrect. Bo Katans first appearance was in January 2012 in the clone wars episode “A Friend in Need”. Someone got blatantly ripped off for a comic that holds no significance and the person who wrote this article needs to fact check and update their information.

  4. Tyler Wood

    This article is incorrect. Bo katan first appeared in the clone wars episode “A Friend in Need” on January 13th 2012. Someone got ripped off purchasing this comic and clearly didn’t do their research.

  5. Plankeyed

    Poorly researched. Satine’s murder? How do you miss that?

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