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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    It could also just be his connection to so much loss… blue butterflies are a constant symbol of loss… they say butterflies and moths are the angels telling us they are ok or coming for a visit!

    1. Davis

      I was just about to say this when my daughter past security hung blue butterflies all over dak & dhs so which ever park i wrked at i would see it. Grugo has seen death N pain. We were lucky he didnt try to eat the butterfly as he eats everything!

    2. Bobby

      Nah, we’re moving on past all of that

      1. Rosie

        Bobby that was rude bc if you read the above comment and not just posted davis lost his child! Weather your commenting against butterflies and loss is one thing but watch where you comment no it sounds like you have no heart! Saying your over davis loss! Esp w everything g9ing on and death is so in our face its insulting for you to be over it that rudely!

    3. Jw

      Or it is just a representation of the force and as usual stupid fan theories are garbage!

  2. Audrey

    This is such a reach my back hurts just reading it

    1. Hernando Cambel

      Good one.

    2. Carlton Conn

      Ugh ?. And Vader is reborn and becomes Luke and Leia becomes C3P0. Smh. I should become a writer if this is the best they got

    3. K

      I think he meant we’re over Grogu eating everything

  3. Bob

    If you watch the scene where Grogu is in the cell strangling those troops and listen to the music, you should notice an unmistakable instance of Kylo’s leitmotif.

    1. Mike


    2. Tim

      I was going to say the same thing! I had NO idea why Ludwig Goransson would reference a John Williams theme in this context, this additional bit makes a little more sense now!

  4. Dee

    Its the same butterfly that flew around Anakin and Padme’ when they got married.

  5. Tony

    Nonsense. The Disney Trilogy is no longer canon in the OT sense as it has been moved into the “World Between Worlds”. Let’s not ruin what George, Jon and Dave are doing with Star Wars these days by linking any of the Sequel Trilogy to it.

    1. mike murphy

      Couldn’t agree more this is Revlos trying to have purpose again

      1. Michael

        No, you’re just incels trying to have purpose, and failing miserably

        1. Pam Johnson

          Please dont ruin this series with Ben. I’ll stop watching. I already hate the 28 minute episodes I waut all week for! My bad but I keep hoping it will get better. I only enjoyed 2 episodes tthis season. The Mandalorian has it’s own blank slate. Try to keep it fresh and its own story!

    2. Chris

      Please provide a source for the ST no longer being canon.

      Oh, wait, you can’t, because that’s just a rumor you Disney haters made up to feel better about yourselves.

      If you seriously think Disney is just gonna throw out the ST because you didn’t like it (I didn’t like it either, but I’m not going around trying to claim that they soon won’t exist), you need to get help. You’re as gullible as a Trump supporter.

      1. DC

        Blah, blah, blah… Yes they dumped it. Woke makes you broke. Lightsabers always cut through things and not make scratches. Nobody learns without training. Leia was never Space Mary Poppins. It goes on and on.

        1. Michael

          “Lightsabers always cut through things”

          Guess you missed the scene in TFA when Finn is fighting FN-2199 and DOESN’T cut through his staff with Luke’s lightsaber.

      2. Violet

        Aaaand there it is! Someone just HAD to bring politics into a discussion that has nothing to do with politics as an excuse to bring up Trump. It’s people like you who claim to hate he and his supporters, yet you love to talk about them every chance you get. This is a discussion about Star Wars, not Trump or his supporters. If people like you keep dragging them into conversations like this, they will never go away. (Or maybe that’s secretly what you want?)

    3. Michael

      The SEQUEL trilogy is and will always be canon no matter what you brain-dead prequel apologists think!

      1. cesarjunior233

        Nope, the EU is the true canon, not Ma-Rey Sue

    4. Ion

      Exactly, none of that garbage disney put out should be or ever even considered canon. the expanded universe was and always will be canon for me! If filoni links all that bs im done with mando and anything else they put out..period and so should all of y’all.

  6. A beav

    When you look at what show is coming out next it’s obvious Kenobi is gonna pick up Grogoo and whisk him off to his show so Mando can retake Mandalore without any burdens.

    1. Gruneun

      The Mandalorian takes place after Return of the Jedi, so years after Kenobi dies. It’s quite possible that Grogu would show in Kenobi’s series, though, since Grogu is supposed to be 50 years old and may have crossed paths with him.

      If Ben Solo shows in The Mandalorian, it would be 25 years before The Force Awakens, so Solo would also be a child (long before he turned).

    2. Zephyr

      Uh. No. Mandalorian is 5 years AFTER RotJ. Obi-Wan has been dead for 8-9 years.

  7. Andy B

    If you look at the next show being released its obvious Grogoo contacted Kenobi and he will be whisking him off to his show so Mando can help take Mandalore unburdened by the child.

    1. Anonynurse


    2. Anonynurse

      *Grogu is The Child’s name. Not Grogoo.

    3. Hulio

      Obi-Wan is dead

    4. Edi76

      The next show beeing released will be Ashoka Tano’s show not Kenobi… research before writing untrue things…

      1. Jane

        But… There would be a Kenoni spin-off!
        Don’t know when exactly it would be released, but Ewan McGregor himself already confirmed it :/

      2. Poe

        Ummmm you do know that Kenobi starts shooting in January… any sort of Ashoka series hasn’t even been confirmed..might want to research before writing untrue things…

  8. diaskeaus

    If we are talking about story, then we are talking about Filoni, and Filoni’s contributions to Star Wars myth are not so simplistic.

    Crystal butterflies are less a direct correlation to the Kennedy films and more a motif with force users being able to connect with various emanations of the force, crystal butterflies being one of those emanations.

    The crystal butterfly in The Mandalorian is meant to show how deeply Grogu is connecting with the Force, just like the crystal butterflies in Roll Out are meant to show how deeply Ben Solo is connected to the Force.

    Crystal butterflies are not some psychic Facebook Messenger that Filoni is using as a macguffin to give proof for the crazy leaps of narrative the Kennedy films took.

    1. Michael

      “crazy leaps of narrative the Kennedy films took”

      Such as?

      1. cesarjunior233

        A recycled Empire with a name that makes no sense? Leia having Force powers when she wasn’t supposed to? Ma-Rey Sue?

        1. Ellijay

          Leia having Force sensitivity was established in RotJ. Rey, though her story wasn’t the typical hero journey, is not a Mary Sue.

  9. DC

    Blah, blah, blah… Yes they dumped it. Woke makes you broke. Lightsabers always cut through things and not make scratches. Nobody learns without training. Leia was never Space Mary Poppins. It goes on and on.

  10. Bob

    I think Darth Vader will come back as a good guy and redeem himself for all the evil he has done.

    1. Jedi Ryss

      What? He did that in the movie that takes place before The Mandalorian.

  11. Michael

    God damn it this comment section is infested with incels.

    1. Michael

      The projection is off the charts.

  12. Mad Cap

    Ugh ?. And Vader is reborn and becomes Luke and Leia becomes C3P0. Smh. I should become a writer if this is the best they got

  13. Sparkles

    I hope not……any connection to the sequels and many will stop watching Mando, myself included

    1. Ion


  14. Enward Eatcock

    What this show needs is a few episodes with Johnny Depp as a Jabba the Hut type character.

  15. Sarcor

    It’s a meme easter egg. Google “Is this a pidgeon?” ?

  16. Fabio Pento

    Apparently mandalorian takes place 5 years after return of the Jedi. How old would Ben solo be? If he’s even born yet.

    1. Ion

      If they connect any of this with that blasphemous travesty of trilogies put out by disney, im done.

  17. Dan

    Apophenia (/æpoʊˈfiːniə/) is the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things.

  18. Way to much of a reach??

  19. John

    Please don’t involve anything to do with those crappy disney star wars movies.

  20. cesarjunior233

    There’s no connection, the Sequels will be declared non-canon, The Mandalorian is leading to Thrawn Empire rise, and hopefully the Yuuzhan Vong invasion too


    butterflies represents life so who knows where this will lead.


    butterflies represents life so who knows where this will lead.

  23. Cordial Trekkie

    The blue butterflies have been in Star Wars as early as the Clone Wars episode “Jedi Crash” which premiered in 2009. Three years before Disney bought the franchise. Ezra even has a connection to them in Rebels.

  24. Wong

    F××k that garbage sequel trilogy.

  25. James

    There is a much bigger question in this episode than who is Grogu conversing with. How did Boba Fet escape from the Sarlac Pit?

    1. Kage

      If I remember from the EU books then while in the Sarlacc, he shot off his rocket from his pack into the “side” wall of the Sarlacc and killed it and then crawled out. But also in this book he had to replace that set of armor due to damage by the digestive juices in the beasts guts. So the Sheriff dude should not have been able to wear that set at all.

  26. Teddy Ray

    Man, there are a lot of angry incels in this comment section. You losers need to go to therapy.

  27. marcellus ross

    I’m pretty sure the Mandolarian will avoid everything from the Sequels like Convid. They are all about fan service for well received Star Wars .

  28. Jay Mercer

    It has to have been Ezra that was contacted by Grogu, unless Dave make a brand new Jedi character. There’s no one else that can come. Mark is too old now to be middle age Luke. Sebastian Stan is too busy to be Luke right now. Cameron Monaghan would have to be aged up a lil to be Cal Kestis in the show. And as for Mace Windu, idk if Sam Jackson would ever come back as a cyborg Jedi.

    I only say it has to be Ezra only because we’ve seen Ahsoka Tano and they already mentioned Admiral Thrawn. Plus Dave is one of the writers for the show. It would only make sense for him to use characters he’s written for in this show. Only logical option.

  29. Hereticus

    Maybe Grogu was riding the wings of lunesta?

  30. Hereticus

    Grogu was riding the wings of Lunesta.

  31. Will Dickie

    Love this blog! Ididn’t know much about the Mandolorian prior to this series which is truly outstanding story telling and well worth watching ‘action packed’ entertainment!

    Okay, because I don’t have any pithy contributions to add to this conversation – I’ll simply leave you with this apropos quote: “This is the way!”

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