Comments for ‘Anastasia’ Arrives on Disney+ This Week!

Anastasia Disney Plus


  1. Rebel orange bird

    I wish they would have recorded the broadway show to show it instead its much better than the movie and is actually more truthful.

  2. Andrew

    Like Leia from ‘Star Wars’, Anastasia won’t be joining the line-up.

  3. Thomas

    This is only going to confuse people no up to speed with the official Disney Canon and Princess franchise as to why it’s not included…a beautiful movie and all the hallmarks of Disney in the mid to late 90s, but it’s NOT a Disney movie! Anastasia will never be a Disney Princess. Though I wish they’d kept Giselle as one, instead of dropping her as soon as they realised they’d have to pay Amy Adams for her likeness (though did the live reference models for the actual princesses get lifetime royalties?)

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