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  1. Daddy Piranha

    Roy “would have never taken a $66 million payday”? Well, what do you want him to do? It’s a pandemic and I don’t think that’s any Disney exec’s fault.
    If Iger had taken his entire paycheck for the year and given it away (I’m sure he could afford to do that) to every WDW employee so they wouldn’t lose their houses, it would be an extra $900 for each employee in Orlando. But then he wouldn’t have anything left over for the Disneyland employees.
    Disney employees should certainly be paid more. I used to get $6.00/hr from The Mouse (well, $6.75 because I had a language pin IIRC). And they deserve better than that.
    Overall, her opinion isn’t very harmful. She’s entitled to it, but it just isn’t very practical. Just like my opinion that Abby could give away her $120 million net worth if she’s so worried. Disney employees might be able to get an extra mortgage payment out of that.

    1. J. Barnes

      DCP’s are paid at least $12/hr now (before pandemic). I do not know about regular cast though, only DCP.

  2. Concerned

    Sadly even if Bob gave all $66 million back to the 28,000 staff that were laid off it would amount to about a month’s salary for each one. That’s the scale of the closure. America is in big trouble with COVID right now – and it’s making a mess that will take years to fix. You guys need to stay home, wear masks EVERYWHERE and maintain distance and hygiene at all times for the next three months if you want to see California open up again. Stop looking for a prince on a white horse to save you. At this point your community has to work together to save itself.

    1. ummmmmm where were you all year

      we did that for 3 months
      then they didn’t let us open
      3 more months
      still nothing
      3 more months nothing
      and i can bet my life that 3 months more won’t make any much of a difference
      this isn’t about the actual pandemic because the governor could care less about his own rules
      and all the evidence of this scary virus can be disputed with a few quick searches outside of cnn and nbc
      so no I won’t stay home i did that for nine months
      I won’t wear masks everywhere I did that for nine months
      I will maintain distancing cause I like that it forces people to not bottleneck against me and I will maintain hygiene for as long as I live cause you know common sense.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        If people had actually stayed at home and wore their masks like they were supposed to, yes, this would all be over by now. But people refused to wear masks because “it’s a violation of the Constitution”. They refused to stay at home because they had the right to expose everyone to a deadly virus so they could get their hair cut and eat Taco Bell. They had to believe against common sense that COVID was a “hoax” and that it would all be over by Easter.
        I sincerely doubt from reading your screed that you really quarantined and wore a mask. On behalf of those of us that really did everything right in 2020 and kept this at “only” a few hundred thousand people dying instead of the millions that would be dead now if they listened to the likes of you: YOU’RE WELCOME.
        Now sit down and relax; the adults are talking now.

        1. harry

          you’re wrong but ok

          1. Daddy Piranha

            That’s okay, big guy. Most kids can’t admit when they made a mistake either.

          2. harry

            good to know you can recognize yourself as the person who made the mistake

  3. Jason C Jenison

    I went to Disney World a lot of thing kid and then as a young adult. The Disney cast members have always not made that much money and the mouse could afford to pay their employees a lot more for everything that they do. I can’t wait till I one day visit Walt Disney World again, but that I think will be not for a while.

  4. Joe

    I would point out that Abagail has nothing to do with the Walt Disney Company except the magic of her last name. She is not on the board, not an executive, just a person with a mouth and the last name “Disney.”

    1. Scott F

      Which sometimes is the best person to have making these comments because she is on the outside seeing things from the same perspective that all of the other “real” people on the street see. But the problems she complains of are not only a problem at Disney but of corporate culture everywhere.. You see the stories in the news all the time of this CEO or that CEO getting millions as a bonus or added to their contracts.. while you see the “line workers” getting no pay increases year after year, losing benefits a little at a time. Even as a Disney parks regular, I see the ticket prices, passes, resort rates etc. jumping up year after year by huge percentages.. but I’m betting the cast members aren’t seeing pay or compensation increases anywhere near those. And all I have seen in the news is Disney laying off workers by the thousands… So back to my original point.. she may be one of the best to criticize the board, and those executives, as in the end it’s her name and family legacy she is trying to protect, which is her right to do, and being Roy’s grand daughter is still pretty direct in the family line.. not just someone “with the last name Disney.”

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