Comments for ‘It’s Crushing’: Visit Anaheim Shares Effects of Disneyland Closure


Credit: ITM


  1. Jane odwalla

    Remember this when Gruesome is up for re-election and vote him out. Give an inch and they will take a mile and never give it back.

  2. Jane odwalla

    Remember this when Gruesome is up for re-election. They will take something away from you in a heartbeat, but are not so quick to give it back. Think about how cavalierly we all gave up every freedom 7 months ago. Now we’re all in some arbitrary color- coded system of freedom, or lack thereof.

  3. Robert

    Although I try to find sympathy for the employees of Disney Land, I cannot. The majority of the employees voted Democrat in the state of California and Disney World itself including their CEO’s support the Democrats. How are we suppose to feel bad for what is going on? I do not want to see anyone lose their job but you are reaping what you have sowed for years. Remember what the definition of insanity is!!

  4. Mary

    I’m glad Disney is not open because they don’t have sympathy for those who work. We have kids that would jump out of bed due to the loud fireworks. They would start at 9:30 pm and would stop at 10pm. They should start at 8pm and end it at 8:30pm. But even so the smoke goes in my throat and it’s hard to breathe.

    1. Missy

      I’m pretty sure Disneyland has been there longer than you’ve lived where you are, so you knew what you were getting into. Don’t feel sorry for ya!

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