Comments for Universal’s VelociCoaster Stalls During Giant Drop


  1. KevyB

    This was 100% part of a test. There are LSMs at the top of the top hat, which can stop the train right where it was stopped. They can also be used to accelerate the train over the top hat.

    1. Robby

      That’s right, LSMs on the top hat.

    2. Meagan M Johnson

      Thank you for clarifying. Once I actually red the article I realized it was 100% conjecture and speculation on a process that they have no inside information on.

    3. Cindy caine

      No actually this ride is failing major and us managers are very upset. First no one cares about everyone whom got covid enough to tell folks … then half these ride cares malfunction or come wo restraints! Btw this ride is at a dozen other parks whom i bet care more for it!

  2. Pete

    I would have bet it was an intentional test. See if the brakes there work properly, test the launch segment velocity to see what the low end fail point will be for the ride. Testing data. They may not need all of it now, but they may need it later in a emergency. Better to have it now.

  3. justin clemente

    A perfectly placed top hat stall out happens (see Top thrill Dragster at Cedar Point or Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure) testing like this occurs so that when and if that happens they can either jig the train forward or jig the train backwards but this isn’t “the ride broke down” that’s the whole point of this portion of the construct is “testing”

  4. James

    And the park is not closed! Its open with limited capacity

  5. Justin

    Usually when it’s a brake run there’s a spot to evac guests. There there is no platform, so seems unplanned to me.

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