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  1. KenG

    Good for them! And besides, how is this different from Knott’s or Downtown Disney having outdoor food operations? I’m not sure I understand the problen here.
    But it they can push it back into the face of Newsom, I’m all for it!

    1. Anna

      Because KenG Knott’s and Disneyland Resort are NOT in Los Angeles County but in Orange County and Los Angeles County has set a lot of their own restrictions on top of the states restrictions because of how bad it is there. So really there is no reason Universal can’t do this as long as they follow what the restrictions are. So this article is basically like many others here that seem like they are making a big deal out of nothing. To go is allowed in that county. Only a certain number of people allowed in shops and such so why wouldn’t they remain open?

      1. KenG

        OK – I see your point about LA restrictions. I saw Newsom’s mug shot and thought is was about the state rules.

  2. Bob

    It’s very sad you had nothing better report than this, very lame.
    Typical garbage reporting

    1. Daddy Piranha

      And you had nothing better to do than to comment on it.

      1. harry

        love this reply
        this sums up everything i wanna say to people like bob

  3. Nathan

    Was any research done for this article ? City walk is allowed to remain open under the new guidelines set by Los Angeles. Their retail stores can stay open with reduced capacity. The butter beer is available for takeout just as all restaurants in LA are allowed to offer takeout. It, after all, is a take out stand. There is no way to “dine in” or “dine out” as their are no tables or waiters. Newsom had nothing to do with LA specific restrictions so i have no idea why his picture is on the article. The restrictions were made by LA/eric Garcetti. Also, when you buy a butter beer or voodoo donut at city walk, they remind you that you can’t eat it there. You must take it home and eat it.

  4. Willow

    This article is so misleading it’s literally a walk up venue to purchase butter beer not a restaurant. Whoever wrote article clearly did no research

  5. Willem R Flattery

    If im thirsty i will drink wherever i want to im nobody slave iw ill drink if im thirsty at city walk their policy cannot override your bills of right

  6. It’s good to see there finally growing a pair. I wish Disneyland would. They should all be well into their opening phases and close to to complete operations and jump start the local economies again by rehiring the thousands and thousands of people that knucklehead Newsom has put out of work.

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