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  1. Justaotheruser

    I don’t understand the controversy at all. It’s the reason why not everyone is moving objects with there mind. It’s the reason in this universe why some score low on a IQ test and some high, it’s in your DNA. Life is not Fair some people have a high G factor others don’t. Not to say it’s bad to be average, it’s probably easier to average than special or gifted. With great power comes great responsibility. So if you have an high M count beter resist the dark side. 😉

    1. I suppose you could say some species are more sensitive to the Force than others. But that doesn’t mean one can’t learn to be one with it over time- with dedication. I don’t belive anything is wrong with Midi-chlorians, in fact I rather like the idea.

    2. Kaz

      Anyone can learn the finer points of computer use and have that world opened up to them. But they don’t. That combined with scarcity of skilled trainers who usually require you to join there sect would explain the rest.

  2. Mark

    I do not understand just give baby yoda more cookies and not eggs! Lol!

    1. Master C

      Why in earth MUST they delve deeper? They could very easily never say more about midichloians other than reference m-count. There’s absolutely no reason why they have to go deeper at all.

  3. Lou

    Favreu will do what he does best…..he will retcon it, explain it in a way that makes it palatable to every star wars fan. And all will be good.

    1. Carl

      At least this isn’t another article about the so called “fans” crying about fish eggs or boob armor. I am so sick of the woke Twitter crowd ruining everything.

      1. Rob

        Well we have heard them cry and make things up about anyone not like them to vilify and spread hate. THE WOKE IS REALITIES DARKSIDE & IF BIDEN LOOKS ANYMORE LIKE THE EMPEROR & KAMALA DARTH VADER I WOULD SAY WE ARE LIVING IN THE STAR WARS VERSE!

  4. Shaun

    The idea that the Force is passed along bloodlines wasn’t something just introduced in The Phantom Menace. It was core to the original trilogy. Luke had the potential to be a powerful Jedi because his father was. Genetics was always a factor TPM just gave it a name.

  5. Clayton Courtney

    Well for one the idea that ” The original films made it seem like anyone could be a Jedi if they had the will and the training” was not true as it was clearly shown that genetics did play a part. If they did then Leia being an option for Vader to turn would not have been there. The ONLY reason she was an option was because she was Luke’s sister

    Secondly the midi-cholorian count was a great way to show how bureaucratic the Jedi council had become. In reality M-count is only part of the reason a person becomes a great jedi but if you have to basically evaluate millions of people to see if they can be a Jedi then an objective thing like M-count is a good place to start. Of course, you will miss on a few people whose determination would have made up for the lower M-count but you also do not waste time training people who simply do not have the connection to the force.

  6. Shannon Massey

    I am just enjoying the show. The prequels were too child like epi 1 thru 3 and 7-9 were step in the right direction. Solo and Rogue to me were the best of the movies. But this series so far is very interesting.

  7. M

    I didnt think that was really that controversial about Anakin’s origin story. What was more controversial was the oh….lack of common sense or knowledge about what happens to women SLAVES!! Pretending like slave women would not be raped is pretty disgusting. A quick change saying she didnt know who the father was because she was a slave is all that would need to have been said.

  8. fourninesfine

    Qui Gon Jinn was Obi Wan’s master. So it is possible that obi wan learned more about the force than qui gon jinn did and knew that while organisms with HIGHER midichlorian counts were more predisposed to be adept with the force, all living organisms still contain at least a few midi chlorians and are therefore able to learn it

  9. J

    I don’t care about midi clorianes why they gotta compare it to dragonball z? That never had any kind of microscopic life forms or any thing close to that. The closest is the s-cells and they were introduced in dragonball super years after the star wars prequels.

  10. Tom Killeen

    What a pile of pudu. It’s not some quasi-elitist birthright huxley Rip off. The midi-chlorians dont make anakin more a ‘part’ of the Force than Yoda, it just means by current standards his potential to manipulate the Force is more strongly evidenced. To say that say that a hypothetical being with a midi-chlorian count of 1 ‘cannot use the Force’ or ‘would be denied the right to Force-use’, is an almost malicious misreading of the concept. I like star wars but I’m not even a ‘superfan’ or anything, it’s just such a basic concept that I got very irritated reading this, and finding out for the first time this was considered ‘controversial’ by some very bored, very high, very stupid, or very ‘desperate for a cause’ hipster career protestors. Seriously. Go to the Sudan, or Pakistan, or Tanzania, or Ethiopia, or Uganda, and live out your protesting and do-gooding fantasies somewhere where you might actually make some small difference to peoples lives that are in need. Otherwise, return to the shallowest corners of the warm, yellow puddle that is the post-modernist pool of self-validatory virtue signalling and grab hold of a pile of bricks.

  11. MuTru

    This one is really easy to fix. Midichlorians are a /sign/ the person is strong with the Force. They are attracted to it, and perhaps amplify it a bit, but they don’t CAUSE the Force connection.

    1. Don

      This is what I have always thought it was. They are a by-product of the force, not the cause of it.

  12. Jar Jar binks

    Oh shut up. There’s no controversy. Just people that get offended by anything and everything.

  13. Obewon

    Both can be true from a certain point of view!

  14. Christine Colley

    I was about halfway thru this article when the thought came to me: Whyam I reading this?

  15. Bambi

    This article makes no sense. You keep saying that the series is going to delve into the controversy behind midi-cholorians but never say why you think this is controversial anywhere in the article. If anything the controversy is that they’re using a child for genetic experiments.

    1. Don

      It is controversial because people don’t like it, not because of some inherent unethical dilemma.

  16. Chelle Evans

    People upset about the idea that not everyone can become a Jedi are the reason we have participation trophies.

    1. Denis

      Exactly! Thank you. Just what I was thinking. No, you can’t sing if you’re tone deaf. Sorry.

  17. Darth Desolous

    This has never bothered me as a life long fan. I actually enjoy learning about the “magic systems” of various fantasy worlds/universes. I prefer to just enjoy it for what it is instead of over thinking it. I remember in the old EU Luke had to use the Force to press on a certain part of a suspected Force sensitives brain to get a violent force push back to test for the Force. Doesn’t that seem just as silly.

  18. Bren

    Speaking of crying people, some of y’all seem to be doing quite a lot of that, yourselves…

    In regards to the M-count, experiments, & cloned bodies — it’s quite obvious that this is how the Empire got [REDACTED] back in EpIX.

    1. Alisha

      Any real fan knows force sensitivity has always been a thing and midichlorians just assigns a biological side to it.

      Real shocker is that for all the fake fans, even if they have all the force power they want they will just become Sith because everything they do is identical to the sith code, not Jedi.

  19. Denis

    I never understood people’s issue with Midichlorians. To me, it is a way to measure natural genetic Force sensitivity. Being a trained singer, I can relate to this concept easily. Some people are born with perfect pitch, others like me with excellent relative pitch and still others who can’t hear pitch very well, (like Bob Dylan), and finally tone deaf. Just bc you have perfect pitch doesn’t mean you’d be a great musician. So many other factors go into it. But you do have a head start. Perfect pitch is rare. The vast majority of us have great relative pitch. Can you teach someone who can’t hear pitch very well or are completely tone deaf music? I suppose you could try but they’re at a severe disadvantage.

  20. Lucky

    Why would it be so unusual for the definition and understanding of M counts to change overtime anyway?
    You just need to look at our own sciences, and understanding of the body and health and what a placebo, or even a learned behaviour will do (Pavlov’s dogs).
    It sounds like a case of nature and nurture: you need the genetics but must be taught how to unleash them.

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