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the mandalorian controversy


  1. EDGe

    No comment as this is a stupid “controversy.”

  2. Rich

    Just a bunch of snowflakes that are offended by life-like representations.

  3. As a female police officer for 26 years, I can tell you that it is important to have a ballistic vest that has pockets for breasts. However, the pockets are in the underside of the vest, so when it is worn, you cannot see any conical shape from the exterior. Disney could have easily emulated this when creating this armor.

    1. Mara Parker

      Female ex-cop here. Same for me. Totally agree.

  4. emcg

    Unbelievable! The PC crowd strikes again. Time for companies to stand their ground and ignore these idiots. Enjoy the show and stop nitpicking everything.

  5. Richard Scott

    So tired of people who think being offended is a profession or duty. Enough already.

  6. SG

    It’s sad when this caricature takes away from the actor and story. And sad to see old sterotypes and costumes that don’t “fit” the times, that’s so 20th century, what a boob Disney!
    I’m going with the female cops, Disney get with it!

  7. Crystal Sencen

    Ummmm. Woman with big boobs here. If I was a mandatory an, you know I’d wanna show off my boobs. They look great, why is this even a problem. This is like saying that girls should wear puffed up shirts to hide the fact that their boobs exist. Get with the times, their boobs look great and they can wear whatever the heck they want.

  8. FeminismIsMentalIllness

    Anything that upsets the feminazis is pure gold.

  9. disney is cool idk

    My opinion is that this is a problem. Having a breastplate that protrudes for breasts is rather stupid because the armor (as it is metal) is built with those protrusions so that would probably be uncomfortable as that metal would be pulling your breasts down if they fit in to them. It would make much more sense (like someone else said) if there was pockets on the underside for breasts to fit in. This is one, a plot-hole/logical incositiency and two, sexualizing characters for no reason (very similar to Ahsoka’s skimpy clothing).

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