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  1. Former Fan

    JK Rowling is a transphobe, and her book sales have dropped by up to two-thirds. As more and more people are awakened to her strange bigotry, her star will continue to fade into oblivion. She should read her own Harry Potter books and start following the ideals found in it.

  2. S8-10

    Lol the books have been out for 15 years, obviously sales were going to go down eventually. Meantime, cutting your weiner off doesnt make you a female, no matter how many estrogen pills you take. Rowling is correct and it’s high time someone said it.

    1. Paul

      Ignorance and hate combined in one nasty little package called S8-10.

      1. Sam

        Ignorance is refusing to believe facts. Hate is blaming people for your own shortcomings.

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