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Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

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  1. harry

    Mmmmmmm no
    I don’t understand why people have to try to remove stuff cause it didn’t live up to standard
    we don’t want the prequels out of canon even though they also have a very rough trilogy minus revenge of the sith
    people need to grow up and accept that the movies happened and are canon
    These movies have their issues but they are still fun movies to watch
    I really enjoy 7 and 9
    8 makes me angry but I won’t want it out of canon
    we need to cancel cancel culture

    1. Laura Kenneman

      That’s not the point here, they wanted cannon trilogies. These aren’t cannon so they feel Disney ruined the stories. I agree they should have followed cannon…however, I Love Kylo Ren so I’m fine with keeping them

      1. Jim Fredciks

        They are just as much canon as anything else in Star Wars. TLJ also is very close to what Geroge Lucas had planned for the sequels

      2. Geri

        I have no problem with the actors; so let’s keep Adam driver at all and re-shoot crucial scenes that originally derailed the films in the first place. It makes no sense to alienate original or new fans. The re-shoots could involve simple plot revisions using the “world worlds” as a plot device emploed in Star Wars Rebels which itself saved all time fan favorite Ahsoka Tano from certain death to Darth Vader.

    2. Kiaser21

      This is NOT what cancel culture is.

    3. Tod Harrington

      Very well said. Couldn’t agree more.. Here is the problem with people these days- they want the plot, story arc and whatever else happens in the movie to go their way. Instead of taking the ride tjje Director and producers are taking you on. That’s it. That’s what watching movies is ALL about. I strap in and go where it takes me. Not where I want it to go. People who can’t do this have no right even judging a movie.

      1. Ryan

        Haha no… We just wanted a good story that actually continues the Legacy that George Lucas made. Instead we got a sad rehash of the OT and the characters legacies destroyed.

      2. Peter

        The sequals were supposed to conclude the story arc for luke han and Leia. How did it end up telling the story about Palpatine? The last movies name needs to be changed to The rise of Palpatine because the movies dedicated on the skywalkers. Or better yet let the asoka series introduce the vail of the force so we can decannonize the sequel trilogy. Then we can have two timeliness and you social justice dubs can have your own star wars


      I wish these idiots would get it into their heads that its only a movie. Not real. George wanted to pay homage to the western and other serials of his youth. He did, turns out others loved it too. For those of us born in the 40s and 50s, uts fine, enjoyable entertaining. For those younger who believe it is real and needs to make sense in the “real” world, go write your own story.

      1. Peter

        I can see the dementia is setting in. It will be alright friend. Why don’t you get some sleep

    5. Joe

      I was a little frustrated that they killed off luke but after watching again I found I rather enjoyed the first 2 movies from the sequel. Episode 9 was pretty bad though. Like they ran out of ideas ?

    6. Geri

      The sequels have almost Nothing to do with the skywalkers except to kill them off in disgraceful ways. Furthermore not only do they violate canon they violate Star Wars legend an extended universe.

    7. Kat

      Kennedy removed the far superior extended universe canon. Everything interesting in Disney SW is copied from the Extended Universe canon.

    8. Walter Pence IV

      There is no comparison between the prequel and the sequel trilogy. This is not a matter of people liking one and not the other. The prequels of Star wars ADDED to the existing lore. The sequels however BROKE the existing lore. Episode 4, for example, completely fell apart as soon as hyperspace ramming was made into a thing. The entire movie from the first minute to the last minute was about the struggle to destroy the Death Star. But if they could have simply put astromech droids in 4 or 5 x-wings and ripped the Death Star apart by repeated hyperspace rammings, then everything that happens in episode 4 is completely unnecessary and stupid. Hyperspace ramming breaks EVERY SINGLE major space battle in EVERY MOVIE, including even the space battle at the beginning of episode 8 (because apparently they couldn’t even keep consistency within the same movie).

      This is just one of many different examples of how the sequel trilogy broke, undermined or contradicted existing lore. The prequel trilogy never did anything comparable to this.

  2. Hellothere

    I swear, I’m an avid Star Wars fan, understand the hate towards the sequels, but damn, this is too far.

    1. Jim Fredciks

      because no one hates Star Wars more then a Star Wars fan.

      In the documentery The People VS George Lucas there was a great line by Neil Gainman It was something like

      “In every fandom there is a point where to prove you are bigger fan then the next guy you have to hate the series”

  3. While the prequels did have some flaws in it from what people say, it’s still a Skywalker based story. So it’s got no reason to be removed from canon. The sequels on the other hand, had nothing at all to do with the Skywalkers except kill them all off. Then claiming the false Skywalker, but Palpatine bloodline Rey. You have to admit even that’s enough to screw with Star Wars. So if there was a petition to change the sequels from canon, i would be the first to sign it.

    1. Geri

      Absolutely right!

    2. Conrad


      Also, The Mandalorian shows that you can do Star Wars with strong female characters WITHOUT divisive, awful feminism ruining all the male characters.

      Still, I can DEFINITELY feel Kathleen Kennedy’s influence stronger in Season 2, which is THE LAST thing Star Wars needs.

    3. Peter

      Its not a skywalker story it is a Palpatine story. Mary Sue rey is a Palpatine

  4. Mocha Lobster

    These people are the kind of fans who will try to hunt for that mythical unicorn (or I guess insert the appropriate Star Wars equivalent here) that is the perfect movie (for them and possibly only them) and anything and everything else just isn’t good enough. I get not being happy with the end result of something you were looking forward to, but this is absurd.

    1. Bryan Dawson

      The Star Wars equivalent would be the Golden Sarlacc.

    2. BlueSun

      That’s not true at all. Kennedy did not know what she was doing and it shows as they made it up as they went along. On top of forcing an agenda. This franchise deserves better than that. If it wasn’t for the Mandalorian, this franchise would be dead

      1. Jim Fredciks

        You know that Kennedy is also responsible for the Mandalorian too.

        Forcing an agenda? Having a female lead is an agenda? you need to get out more.

  5. Christian Salas

    The prequals didnt damage the story. Its Art and the art was ruined on purpose . United states Identity politics where shoe horned into a galaxy far far away. George Lucas the creator was backstabbed and lied to. Do more research and you will see. So im all for removing it from canon. Its a shame because i liked the force awakens. But Kathleen Kennedy and Roundhead Ryan Johnson damaged the Saga and the franchise with The Last Jedi.

    1. Jim Fredciks

      you do know George Lucas himself said the Rebelion are the Vietkong and the Empire represents America.

  6. Jim

    Lol ❄️

  7. Aaron

    The Sequels/Sequel Trilogy > the Prequels/Prequel Trilogy, in my opinion. If they’ve never removed the Prequels from canon, they’re never going to remove the Sequels from canon either. The weirdo and butthurt part of the Star Wars fanbase needs to get over it.

    1. BlueSun

      You are out of your mind

  8. Joshua Arnold

    1. I liked episodes I, II, and III. Despite Anakin and other let down.
    2. I loved the original trilogy.
    3. The sequels are the absolute worst. How did anyone green light that lazy writing.

    Side note. Disney, stop stealing fan art and not crediting them. Hire them if you want to steal there work for your merch.

  9. Aaron Jackson

    The Sequels/Sequel Trilogy > the Pequels/Prequel Trilogy, in my opinion. And the Sequels shouldn’t be erased from canon and neither should the Prequels and if the Prequels weren’t removed from canon and they obviously weren’t and won’t be, then the Sequels won’t be removed from canon either, simple as that.

    The toxic part of the Star Wars fanbase need to get over it and move on with their pathetic little lives, period.

  10. Moishe Pippick

    This was not worthy to be written about in a headlined article. Feh.

    1. Soap

      First of all:
      yeah its just a movie. For me, SW Canon is Episode 1 to 6 plus Mandalorian and everything in between. It’s a great enjoyable Story. Probably the best ever created. My Life is absolutely perfect, with and without SW sequals. That “get a life” argument is dull, only stated by mindless people.

      Yeah its just a movie. So what’s the problem with just saying “ok Episode 7 to 9 are just fan service to bring the Old Stars back, but these are not ‘Canon’, we make just a new sequal storyline”. Use Thrawn Trilogy for example. Let Rukh survive that SW Rebellion kill (Noghri can become old, no problem here) correct some other little stuff from the Thrawn Novels and just make these book a absolutely perfect new Sequal Trilogy. End of Story. Pretty easy. Old fans were happy. New audience would be absolutely stunned. Thrawn trilogy is just awesome and continues SW without destroying the importance of the Skywalker Saga. it just finishes the military Empire part. nearly no Sith vs Jedi bashing here. still light saber battles.

      yeah its just a movie. But SW is Hollywoods biggest Franchise outthere!! (except MCU which is so dull that it just destroys other Franchises, not really a coharent story, just collection of simple action movies) and its not just about these 3 movies. its about the Story line which should be preserved for all following Movies. and which will go along with our movie entertainment experience for many many years. even your Kids will likely watch SW. and there is nothing wrong to want better entertainment. we are not talking about politics, taxes, economy or Nature. SW is nothing compared to this. but whats the problem with wanting just BETTER movies for the most importance Franchise out there?

      so according to point 1 2 and 3 I will sign that petition. I dont like that “my uncle got a better sequal idea” part even if I enjoyed the movies as movies, Disney just totally failed with SW7 – 9. they should admit it. and correct it. no reason to not do so. end of story.

  11. Dan

    They’re worse than fanfiction. They’re anti-fan fiction and lazy to boot. There’s no reason to tie the franchise down with these millstones. Just move on. The Mandalorian is a step in the right direction.

  12. Shawn Eastland

    Absolutely! Make it Legends.

    Star Wars is about the Skywalker bloodline, starting with a fatherless birth of Anakin.
    The sequels turned the entire thing into the story of Palatine..

  13. RJ

    I’m so sick of this crap people need to grow up and actually enjoy something for what it’s worth I was fine with both apparently the lot who signed this have no life whatsoever and need to find other things of more importance to gripe about.

    1. BlueSun

      Maybe people don’t want to enjoy awful. Ever think about that?

      1. harry

        ever think that people actually like the movies
        I understand in your little bubble of selfishness, you can’t see that you have no facts but
        what you have is an OPINION and an OPINION is where no answer can be wrong so discrediting the guy because you don’t like something is a difference in opinion but not a fact.

  14. Bryan Dawson

    C3PO: Rey . . . Rey Skywalker.

    The young Jedi sitting around the room look in silence at the golden droid. Luke Skywalker steps into the room with a worried look on his face.

    Luke: First Order? Force dyad? Smoke? Threepio, you better go get checked out. Your memory banks seem to be malfunctioning.

    R2D2: (Beeps in agreement)

    The young Jedi laugh.

  15. Leonardo

    Sequel trilogy is not canon facts

  16. nej

    I would be fine with just removing the final movie. Sure the Last Jedi wasn’t perfect, but the story made sense as a continuation of the The Force Awakens, but Rise just torpedoed all of it.

  17. Does anyone know how to contact David Evans on this?

  18. Mark

    How about we remove the horrid prequels NO ONE likes first!

  19. Margie Amberboy

    Instead of making any of the stories by Disney not canon, lets make what Disney said is “legends” canon, and having all the stories canon, but existing in alternate timelines.

  20. AP

    This petition is a joke. Did anybody read the end of the article where the petitioner says he wants to replace the sequel trilogy with a script is uncle wrote? There is nothing wrong with hating on the sequel trilogy. As a fan you’re entitled to feel that way. At the same time, anyone who thinks Disney is going to replace the sequel trilogy with some fanboys the screenplay is not living in the real world.

    1. Alexxx

      How about this:
      If you dont like it, then just dont watch it, don’t bother with it, and don’t involve it in your life. Its literally a few movies. Some people hate it, some people don’t. Either way, it was created to entertain people and it did what it was meant to do, whether you like it or not. Either way, its not going to absolutely ruin your life just because it didnt go as you thought it should. Movies and shows arent meant to go by fan service, they’re meant to go by the story and how the writers feel the direction of it should go. If you dont like the ending, then go read some fan fiction and create a new ending in your head just like everybody else in the world. There’s no point wasting other people’s times with your whining because it didnt go the way that you wanted it to.

  21. Ryan

    These are such terrible films and they absolutely do not follow George’s story. All they managed to do was replace the OT characters and their legacies.. everything that happens in these movies already happened in the OT. Disney and their lame little fan base can have their disney trilogy. Us true fans still have the Expanded Universe. The true Sequels are told within.

  22. Mak

    It definitely should be removed, it almost ruined the franchise if not for SOLO, and The Mandalorian.

  23. Klever

    Haha, only in name only, the mandalorian is all Faloni, Farvure and Lucas..

  24. Mak

    I agree that they should. because if not for the Mandalorian, or Solo, maybe even Rogue One the franchise would be in shambles.

    1. Lena

      Boom. This.

  25. What a bunch of CRYBABIES! If people don’t like the Sequel Trilogy, they can either buy Lucasfilm from Disney OR, as a slightly more economical alternative, they can write their own stories as fan fiction. The rest of us have moved on to more pressing matters like living our own lives…

  26. Cory

    No sense in crying over spilled milk. What’s done is done. Just leave it. I do wish that Disney had done things differently and stuck with the original cannon. It would have been nice to see the Grand Admiral Thrawn trilogy.

  27. Fred

    I would happy see sequel removed. It actually mess due to lack of plan, I don’t care if they said it just movie as it much bigger than just movie, it influence media, culture and game, without star war, some stories as we know will be gone. If star war are just movie, than media and other stories teller should not take this serious but instead they do.
    I kinda wish they make plan before they make sequel but instead they be rash, reckless and impatience which is not good

  28. Lena

    As an original Star Wars trilogy fan who’s first aol screen name was “StarWarsFreak”, I do feel that the most recent trilogy was an insult to Lucasfilm and Star Wars fans. The Luke in that movie didn’t feel anything like the original Luke. He’s a dreamer. He wouldn’t become a bitter old man just because Kylo “scared” him. He wasn’t afraid of Palpatine so it makes no sense that Kylo is what breaks him.

    Han and Leia being separated is another disappointment to the story.

    Now onto Rey… actually all of the characters are boring. I didn’t care about any of them except Finn but only from “Force Awakens”.

    As far as I am concerned, this last trilogy isn’t a part of that world.

  29. Morrisb

    Retconning Star Wars sequels is LAME as hell. Lmao @whoever is actually trying to say that. Give us a break. Imagine being such a crybaby you need to pretend like things don’t exist. ?

  30. Tobi

    I don’t get why so many people get mad about this idea. If Disney thinks remaking those 3 films would mean more income, probably they will make it in the future. Nothing wrong with it.
    Some other people say, it’s just a movie! Exactly! if “it’s just a movie” it can be perfectly replaced, and then you must be OK with it.
    Can you imagine a new trilogy of Lord of the Rings in which Sauron is still alive, the ring was not really destroyed, Aragorn, Gandalf and all the other heroes are shown as total failures and a new set of heroes replace the old ones and destroy Sauron and the ring for good? Sounds stupid right?… but that’s’ exactly what Disney did with Star Wars, it was practically a remake-trilogy with the old characters used just to bring audience…. and some people still likes that story, I found that totally incomprehensible, but I would never get mad at someone for like those films.
    And yes, I will continue with my life, but when I talk about the Disney trilogy, I still will say the same: those films are terrible in the story of SW, if they wan to keep them, fine.

  31. Chappel50187

    Starwars is just a shameless cash grab by disney. The sequels suck I dont even really like the starwars movies. I’m just tired of both sides fighting because you dont have the power to do anything. They should split it boomers and zoomers that way they make even more money.

    The larger the group of people is the lower the collective i.q. goes.

  32. Carrie

    Well personally the original series, so called expanded universe, gone legends storyline, we had already made more sense. And more then the new canon trilogy that was created. Why not keep it the way we had it, everyone liked it far more then new version here.

  33. Richard

    To Save Star Wars, you need to bring the heart, back into the sequel trilogy,
    And all I was waiting for to do that was the Ghost Luke Scene where Luke would tell Rey her real name and how her mother Mara died in the destruction of his temple and he hid her to protect her. Luke shutting himself off from the force for ten years had to be more than his failure with Ben.
    TFA all but said Luke was the father, Han questioned about her name, when she touched Anakin/LUkes saber, she had a vision of the destruction of his temple and her being dropped off on Jaku, It seemed Kylo was searching for his missing cousin, when found out a girl had helped BB8 , Ridley said she thought it was obvious who her parent was. Why they changed it is beyond me, though I have suspicion KK had something to do with it. It is the Skywalker Saga and if you dishonor it’s characters , nothing going forWard will matter much , Disney must see the loss of interest, and this fan born in 70’s is telling you why. My kids have also lost interest at Episode 8 and 9 finished it off, I believe most feel that way. I cannot buy Ep9 DVD because we chose to ignore it and it sucks that it is that way. But it can be fixed just Redo the Ghost Luke Scene, and make Luke father of Rey as originally intended.
    If you want to save Ep 8 remove the Yo mamma jokes and Irons coming down like ships, its not Space balls 2. Save the Canto Bite Scene every one hates and Put Lando in as The code breaker Maz was going in about, thats who everyone was waiting to see., and have Admiral Akbar go down with the ship. He has a huge following and deserved a heroes death. At first I thought they were only disrespecting OT characters but by the end of the trilogy, they disrespected the new ones too, we thought the awakening could have been Finn himself. The new fans you are trying to attract wont keep Star Wars alive another 50 years , old fans passing it on to their children is how it stays alive. Kk thinks Luke would detract from Rey, but he would actually strengthen her, why does she fail to realize that. Put the Heart back into the trilogy and you will save Star Wars.

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