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splash mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. SG

    Well said Mr Hanell. I agree, I saw nothing offensive or upsetting in Splash Mountain BUT I am a white woman. I respect the feelings and opinions of our black brothers and sisters. If it offends them then it offends me AND we need more heros and heroines of color, more princes and princess’s of color, etc. Disney’s showing respect and I respect that!

  2. John Christianson

    I have always loved splash mountain and I find the history behind the park attractions almost as compelling as the rides themselves. To be honest I have expected this change for some time due to the controversial source material and the only thing that had stopped them in the past being its popularity. With recent social movements and Corona it seems like Disney felt now was a time for a change. Even with a change from the South to a New Orleans/ bayou focus I doubt the basics of the ride will change much. I do hope they keep some of the animatronics, some of those pieces have been used in multiple different rides in the past such as that pop goes the weasel one.

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