Comments for Disney+ Continues to Add Content Warnings

disney+ warning


  1. Bob

    They have to add these warnings because people are too stupid to realize the times in which certain types of content was created. If a person can’t look at some older content that may be considered a little cringe now and think ‘man people have come a long way in how we think’ instead of being immediately triggered, that’s on that one person. They must realize, they are an idiot/Twitiot.

  2. Jacob

    They have to add these warnings because they are trying to let people know that these can promote outdated racism or things that people find offensive
    Such as
    Song of the south
    The Siamese cats
    The crows from dumbo
    And more
    So they create these warnings to let people know that the content contains such stuff they also created these because people can be to dumb to realize that

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