Comments for OpEd: Peter Pan’s Flight Is NOT Worth a 70+ Minute Wait

peter pans flight

Credit: Disney


  1. EricJ

    It’s sentimentality. It’s the ride every grownup wants to ride again on their first visit back to the parks, and it’s the ride every parent wants to take their kids on for the first time.
    That’s something no Star Wars or Avatar ride will ever compete with.

    It’s a Small World just has a faster loading time, is all.

  2. Thomas

    I’m afraid I agree with this. The movie is absolutely amazing, and one that I watch pretty regularly, and when I visited WDW I was excited to go on it. Even in the FastPass line my brother and I were waiting for ages, and were talking to a lovely latino lady and her family in front of us as we waited. The ride is lovely, and was enjoyable enough, but it was over pretty much as soon as it’d started and I felt a little short changed, expecting even 30 seconds more. The woman I’d been talking to waited for my brother and me to discuss our thoughts, she was furious how quick the ride was, I wasn’t furious, as said just a little short changed. I would ride it again, but I wouldn’t wait for so long to go on it again.

  3. ELAINE Room

    I agree, but then I won’t wait longer than 30 minutes for any ride.

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