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  1. Mascareno needs to stay. A few strange people make rude comments and accuse her just because she has a different opinion and what they think is right. Better stay on the set and do the job she was hired to do and let her work out or contract. She has proven herself to be a good actress they should be allowed to stay and not let a lot of know-it-alls ruined her career.

    1. Daniel Cordero


      1. Patricia Peterson

        Stop the cancel culture!!!!

    2. Matthew Kaufman

      For those of you kicking and screaming to fire someone over their personal beliefs (whether we agree or not)…. Who is the actual fascist here? Maybe your employers (who may or may not agree with your beliefs) should evaluate you for termination of employment.. Or… Maybe those who do business with you should reevaluate doing business with you. It’s all the same folks.

      1. Kay

        And this is exactly why politics are ugly no matter what side of the fence you’re on. This BS nonsense is totally outta control, why are adults acting like freakin little kids and babies. The nasty name calling, insults, sore loser, hypocritical, petty BS is disgusting. I and many fans don’t want anyone or anything ruining our fun. This freakin madness and insanity is out of control and for one hour to escape into something different should not be shrouded in all this crap. Step back and look at this crap, kids would have been put in check for this poisonous filth. STOP!!! Enough already!!!

  2. Alex Lue

    Gina is my girl! This is the way.

  3. Andre

    Gina is a great actress, a fine human being and the SJW trash trying to get her fired over nothing needs to find something constructive to do with their lives because this ain’t it.

    1. She’s beautiful she’s represents a strong female role and I like her in the series.
      It’s amazing how a person says something and the trolls want to throw her under the bus. My son 26 yrs old watches the show my wife already has baby yoda toys and the Mandolarian just kicks booty. Keep her. This is the way

      1. John Michael Chandler

        Keep politics out of mivies and tv shows.
        I’m tired of feeling like I’m watching the fake media everytime I turn on the TV.
        I support her right to have and state her own opinion. Everybody else does….and guess what. The Constitution protects us from termination due to religous views, opinions, or creeds. So….she needs to stay!

        1. Katie

          No, no the Constitution does not. It protects you from the government prosecuting you for saying something, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting fired if you run your mouth.

          1. Edward Miller

            Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

            Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    2. Daniel Cordero

      I Agree

    3. Np

      She compared wearing a mask and social distancing and to being Jewish during the Holocaust. They need to fire her

      1. Petyr

        This is the way.

    4. Andrew P Papesh

      Not everyone agrees with Gina’s opinion. But that’s what it is, an opinion, something we ALL have a right to. I personally don’t want anyone to play Cara Dune other than Gina Carano.

  4. Bluesun

    Funny how you say he’s heartwarming when only a few weeks ago he was comparing a large portion of America to nazis because they voted for someone he didn’t like.

    1. Phil

      I think we are all getting a little sick of the witch hunts. Speaking our minds is one of our most precious freedoms.

      1. Kari

        Agreed, but actors are in a position of mind controlling power to their fan base in a lot of cases, and said fans will do anything for them. Especially kids, they look up to actors they see in movies and TV, and when they see actors creating this kind of division or say something, them imitate/ emulate the same behavior thinking “it must not be so bad or they wouldn’t be working here right?”

        1. John Michael Chandler

          I disagree. Parents and responsible adults should be monitoring their kids activities. Its called personal responsibility. You claim kids see them and look up to them. Same thing with the President and Vice President. I dont think Joe & Kamala are good role models….so they should be fired?
          Your point, on the surface seems okay…but digging deeper and thinking about the other side of the coin creates more situations where this scenario appears. Will you call for Joe Budens resignation too? Probably not…

        2. Jdoh

          So it’s okay for an actor to spout their political beliefs and use their “mind control” over their fans as long as it lines up with typical liberal ideals? I don’t agree with Gina, but these current double standards are unacceptable.

    2. DvcManda

      So you’re upset that he told the truth?!

  5. BourbonandStargate

    I don’t agree with her political views. So what? She’s great on the show and seems like a decent person, at least from the little I know of her. We all just need to learn to find middle ground with one another. She should not be fired.

    1. HNRBrock

      Minimizing the importance of public COVID precautions isn’t political, it’s an abuse of one’s social platform to push a dangerous narrative.

      1. Nick

        Nope, it’s simply an opinion, and one she’s entitled to in exactly the same manner in which you’re entitled to yours.

  6. David Jamesrobert Morris

    Disney will cave, she’ll get fired. The outrage mob has power far beyond it’s minor amount of minions.

    1. Gary

      Connie, you and people like you need to grow up and live in the real world. Having everyone wear masks, at best, is a very small gesture to help with a virus. Distancing and HAND WASHING do far more and a year ago, you wouldn’t have agreed with me more. Stop engaging in this cult and again, grow up. As for Ms. Carano, she is entitled to her opinion and can post it just like we can and should be able to do so without losing her job. Connie, should you get fired from Dollar Tree for your extremist views?

      1. Samantha L Pettengill

        If your opinion casts a negative light on the company you work for, then yes you should be fired. In Gina’s case, she is a celebrity putting her opinions out there further than you or I could. Disney is having enough to do keep their rep clear during this time without one of their employees putting derisive comments out for all to see. Masks are more than a very small gesture in the fight for the health of all. This isn’t a child you will get over in a few days. The real world is not a fairy tale land where we can ignore the advice of the medical community and it will be ok.

        1. C Lopez

          Time to cancel Disney. Ever see Song of the South?

        2. ChipBoundary

          Your political opinions should NEVER impact your job. It’s people like you that cause it to be an issue.

      2. Daniel Cordero

        lol, well spoken.

  7. William

    I totally agree! I don’t necessarily agree either but she’s entitled to her opinion. She’s awesome in her role.. leave her alone!

  8. Anti-death

    I don’t think it’s right to fire someone for their own political opinion, people have the god given right to speak their mind’s especially the type of people that are trying to mentally bullying other people into doing what you want them to do “in other words for anyone who is ignorant out there it’s called manipulation, Google it”.

  9. Connie

    None of you seem to understand that she made an anti-mask tweet. That isn’t about being political. If you don’t wear a mask, you will catch the virus. The reason why there are so many deaths duento COVID is because if a refusal to wear them. The amount of stupid in support of this “actor” astounds me when the reason she got hate is her support of an ideal that is directly killing people all over the US. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves and anyone who agrees with her deserve to get as sick as possible from COVID to see how truly bad it is.

    1. Ryan

      You need your head fixed ….saying people deserve to get sick? How disgusting….in my area NONE of us have worn masks and our of 25,000 people guess how many have gotten it? ….5 and that was from traveling where they DID wear masks…keep your uneducated self quiet ….either way people should NOT be fired due to differences of beliefs or opinions on ANYTHING ….I dare you to come and try to take what IVE EARNED ….I DARE YOU

      1. Daniel

        Cool story, nerd. Too bad it’s a false narrative. Shut up IRL.

        1. John

          Cool reply nerd, too bad you don’t know what “flase narrative means” Shut up IRL and online

    2. Torgo

      Masks are not going to protect you unless they are n95. They supposedly protect others by dispersing the spread of particles in the mask and out the sides if you even have Covid. So, the lesson here is if you have it… Use a mask.. if you don’t have it use an N95 or you are just fooling yourself. And for those who are asymptomatic… They are not the ones coughing and sneezing.. therefore they are not the spreaders. Use a bit of common sense. Protect the elderly. And remember there is a 99% survival rate if you get it. Even for the elderly. Check out the CDC stats and not MSNBC.

      1. ChipBoundary

        The CDC does NOT state a 99% survival rate. The feather rate is 2%, and was much higher in the U.S. for a longer period of time, almost reaching 7% at one point. In other countries it has reached as high as 13%.

        Also, that death rate is exponentially higher than the flu which has a death rate of .09%. Do I think we should be shutting everything down? No. Do I think we should be flippant about it? Also no.

        1. Chris

          Actually, it does have a 99% survival rate and higher if you take out the fake numbers, like those getting kicked in the head by a horse and counted as a COVID death and yes, that is real and happened.

          But even if it were only 95% survival rate, so what? The point still remains your chances are very high of surviving, the reality is it is no worse than the flu.

    3. AC

      If you think every person that has gotten covid was the result of them not wearing a mask you need to do some research. Masks help keep infected people from spreading it, not keeping the wearer 100% protected. People like you are the reason there is a mask wearing mob and the anti maskers, false information being spread that non mask wearers are the culprit. I know at least 40 people that have gotten covid and wear masks daily.

    4. ChipBoundary

      Masks DO NOT prevent from getting Covid-19, they stop you from spreading it as easily. Nothing more. And it IS a political issue because the government is stepping in and abusing their power. It doesn’t matter what medical evidence says, the government doesn’t get to dictate what we wear in our private lives. Ever.

    5. Chris

      Honestly, I only wear a mask where necessary and I don’t get sick….why? Because I do things to ensure I have a healthy immune system, that is the BEST way to avoid all illnesses.

    6. Michelle

      Hey I wore a mask and still might have it. Leave the lady alone.

    7. Phil

      Not true. Masks do nothing. Read the label on the mask box. It says they will not stop the spread of disease. Sweden is maskless and their number are Jess than many countries.

  10. CR45H 0V3RR1DE

    Kicks rocks, the lot of you. Apparently no one ever taught y’all there are consequences for your actions. Yes, that means the written word as well. I know that’s hard to hear, in this age of keyboard warriors. But you don’t get to use your game as a political platform, then expect no recourse when it doesn’t go your way. Did she have a right to get opinion, of course. But it didn’t belong on Twitter. You wanna get on a soapbox, pick a different company to work for.

  11. JC

    I believe in masks and I probably have different political views than her but she shouldn’t be fired just because she said something stupid on Twitter. Should she be called out for her stupidity of course its the people’s right. She probably should also be asked to apologize for promoting a behavior dangerous to public health during a health crisis.

    1. C Lopez

      You “believe in masks”?!?

  12. Gary

    Connie, you and people like you need to grow up and live in the real world. Having everyone wear masks, at best, is a very small gesture to help with a virus. Distancing and HAND WASHING do far more and a year ago, you wouldn’t have agreed with me more. Stop engaging in this cult and again, grow up. As for Ms. Carano, she is entitled to her opinion and can post it just like we can and should be able to do so without losing her job. Connie, should you get fired from Dollar Tree for your extremist views?

    1. Joe

      Thanks Gary. Be sure to notify WHO and CDC of your findings so that they can update the recommendations to follow your orders.

  13. Jim

    Love Gina Carano/ Cara Dune, I watch for entertainment, not for politics, and don’t care if anyone’s politics don’t match mine, love the show

  14. Gary

    Look at the published mortality rate of “positive ” patients and tell me who is living in a fairy tale land.

  15. For all of you who say you disagree with Carano but support her first amendment rights: if you vote Democrat, you’re voting for people who don’t believe in your right to free speech. Thanks loads.

  16. JuanPecan

    Is someone free to have an opinion if they’ree not free to express it? Who made you judge of another’s opinion? Are you able to see in her heart?

    1. you

      Comparing yourself to jewish people who were victims of genocide is an idiotic ‘opinion’ that is anything but. Spreading misinformation for one is not okay, You know who made me judge, THIS COUNTRY. If you don’t like it, get on a boat and leave. If you don’t live here why are you commenting your irrevelant nazi opinion?

  17. Alysha Leverett

    Yay, Pedro! You got her back, we got yours! Keep Gina! Love us some Mandalorian THIS WAY!

  18. Chris

    Her opinions, no matter if you think they’re good or bad, have nothing to do with her job. She’s a good actor and she’s proven herself to be an asset on the show. I’ve enjoyed every episode with Cara Dune in it. So what if she said something awful on the Internet? You don’t have to be her friend, she’s an actor playing a role on TV and she does a great job at that. Whether or not someone is to be fired should be about their job performance, nothing else. And in this case, there’s no reason to fire her. It’s ridiculous how people online will “gang up” on anyone they even slightly disapprove of and demand their head. There are consequences to everything and she should face those for saying something dumb online, but losing her job over it is not the appropriate consequence. I’m glad Pascal is supporting her. The show wouldn’t be the same without her. We have so few strong female protagonists in movies and TV right now. Her character is awesome and Gina is fantastic at playing her. Let’s not try to fire an actor who’s good at her job over some twitter comments we’ll all forget about in a month when there are so many actually important things going on in the world right now that are actually worth our energy.

    1. yourmom

      Really? You seem to forget HER BOSS IS A JEWISH MAN WHO LOST FAMILY IN THE HOLOCAUST. How ugly of a human being do you have to be to compare a crying idiot of a republican TO PEOPLE WHO WERE ACTIVELY BEING MURDERED.

      People like you shouldnt procreate.

  19. Joe

    Amber Heard is a genuine evil woman, yet she still has her roles. But Gina…. nooo no no. She has to be fired for supporting trump ?

    1. Remember, everything is cyclical. Someday your opinion may not be “popular”. Would you want to lose your job over an opinion?

  20. Chris

    Honestly, stop firing people over political views, if you don’t agree with them, agree to disagree and move on. In this case she is spot on with her assessment of the situation, this is all about government control and not safety.

    Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this:
    If frequent hand washing and proper sanitation (i.e. not using the streets as a restroom) are the best way to stop the spread of ALL diseases, why are there so many city and state governments forcing all public restrooms to be closed so people can’t was their hands and may have to use the streets as a restroom with no viable alternative while they are out doing essential work/travel? And where do employees of essential businesses go to the restroom or wash their hands?

    If this was truly about safety, ALL if them would be open and businesses wouldn’t be allowed to say they are for customers only.

  21. Ellie

    But can we talk about Pedro Pascal calling people Nazis just because they have different opinions?

    1. DvcManda

      But did he lie though?! No, he didn’t and no, we can’t.

  22. Eddy

    If I make a comment that goes against company policies I will be fire. If I support someone that makes comments that goes against company policies I will get fire. Fire them both. Anyone can take their place in the show.

  23. MommaWolf

    What she said doesn’t apply just to democratics, it applies to every political party or politician out there. If their lips are moving they are lying. It’s all smoke and mirrors and yes they would all like to put us in blindfolds. Her opinion is not something to get her fired over. That IS NOT the way

  24. Nastia

    What a shame the artist of this art didn’t get proper credit. “Instagram” is not a source. Art theft is a real problem.


    Why is this a problem? Does this nation not have free speech anymore? Or is Hollywood and our leaders no different than the empire ?. They want to control what you think do and say.

  26. Tripper

    Um embracing fascism and promoting complete disregard for public safety are not things one merely forgives with some cutesy artwork. Sorry but it’s hard to watch the show now without being reminded of her reckless and traitorous comments.

  27. Tripper

    Fascist do not deserve the hollywood life.

    Her disregard for public safety is also appalling.

    Her celebrity grants her a platform for millions of her fans. Putting people at risk and spouting traitorous rhetoric.

    One does not simply sweep that under the rug. No cartoon is cutesy enough to make it ok or excusable.

  28. MRW

    Gina is entitled to her views, no matter how odious or moronic. She’s a decent actor, & she’s good in this part. Pascal is just being supportive of a fellow artist.

  29. Melanie Durham

    Happy freaking thanksgiving everyone! Calm down!

  30. Kelly

    If we were to fire everyone based on their opinion or beliefs then nothing would get done, no one would have a job. Just because we don’t agree with someone doesn’t make them the bad guy (or in this case gal). Until this society can quit labeling people black, white, republican, democrat, or pink with purple polka dots, we will continue to argue and fight amongst ourselves. I believe we need to quit focusing on race, gender, sexual orientation, or political view and focus on the question “can do the job?”. In the episodes I’ve seen, Gina has done an excellent job, the writers too. I think she needs to stay and the rest of society should focus on our own problems, not on the opinions of others. If she believes that masks are a lie, then so be it. If we remove someone from their job because of their political or personal beliefs then we need to fire them for their religious beliefs too. Or because they believe the works is flat. It can all be viewed as spreading dangerous lies from one view or another.

  31. Jim

    Isn’t the entire basis behind bigotry not tolerating opposing views? I think I like her more now. And Pedro, too.

    1. Kari

      If your argument is “my god is brown your God is white lets leave it at that and be civil”. Then sure.

      But when POS Gina spouts disparaging comments linking our current global pandemic, mask wearing, and social distancing to that of being a Jewish person during the holocaust, its not bigotry to disagree with a dissenting opion that advocates for death or wilful disregard of a fellow human or their life as a whole.

  32. J.

    It would be pretty silly and hypocritical to fire her based on using her freedom of speech to express a political opinion on her personal social media. See Josh Gad, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans etc. Obviously those guys are all fine.

  33. Lydia Pozzato

    I don’t agree with her views, but that is no reason to fire her for expressing them! This is still America, for Goodness’ sake! She has a right to her own opinions, and the right to free speech. Hers is a great character that adds a lot to the show. Please keep Gina on board with The Mandalorian!

    1. yourmom

      No she doesn’t When you work for a company and you insult the boss he has a right to fire you. Her boss is a jewish man who lost family to the holocaust, but he doesn’t matter right? His feelings dont matter, what matters is this snowflake and her terrible opinions. What a nazi.

  34. Patricio

    Kudos to Mr. Pascal. This is the way.

  35. Eddie

    No matter ehat her opinions are, it has ZERO to do with Star Wars or the Mandalorian. Do NOT fire her! Since when did having an opinion mean you lose your job and career?!

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  37. KL

    No, this isn’t cute or fun. She made comments that endanger the lives of others. This wasn’t a witch hunt.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves for defending her simply because you’re Disney addicts.

    1. Yourmom

      This! Not only that but she compared herself to jews who were killed, HER BOSS IS A JEWISH MAN WHO LOST FAMILY IN THE HOLOCAUST. Anyone who is angry with her getting fired, are the same people who would of cheered for Hitler.

  38. “Actors are humans with feelings and opinions like the rest of us at the end of the day. What one person believes is up to them it doesn’t give right that we should hate them. If Gina was driving the Bus I’d get on it gladly. By the way I m from the Uk.

  39. Actors are humans . They have feelings and opinions just like us at the end of the day. We shouldn’t hate somebody for their beliefs. If Gina was driving the bus I’d get on it I’m also from the U K. thank you.


  40. Freddy Wehunt

    I support. Buck

  41. anon

    Alex, I’ll take “Things that did not age well” for $1,000 please.

  42. Yourmom

    LMFAO, all the snowflakes here crying. Im glad she’s gone, byeeeeeee

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