Comments for There Is A New Way To Park Hop at Universal Orlando


  1. Tamara

    Universal let me get a annual pass and I am using it wisely and safely. Boo to Disney.

  2. Jim Ryan

    The Orlando Informer Meetups have been using the backstage pathway for a while. As you’re walking backstage, look west to see the Hogwarts Express moving between the two parks.

    1. Tim

      Is this walkway still open? We are visiting next week and plan to use it if available to keep away from crowds as much as possible. Thanks!

  3. Bill

    This is really only one park, but Universal charges as if it were two. I like Universal, but this ‘two parks’ con has always annoyed me. Theme parks are now just an excuse to relieve you of as much cash as possible.

  4. Beth

    Hi Bill. This is a point of view I didn’t even consider. I agree. Kudos to you.

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