Comments for OpEd: Why I Have No Problem Wearing a Mask to Disney

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Credit: ITM Reporter Bailee Abell


  1. Michelle Anderson

    All it took was reading the words in the title “Why I Love Wearing a Mask,” and then I threw up in my mouth. Propaganda on steroids.

    1. Disney Family

      Then you do not have to go to Disney World. It is a privilege, not a right. You are one less person around the World for those of us who want to be kind and do the right thing and visit and celebrate Disney. It is better to be alive and have my family alive and act in what you consider foolish ways with a mask than to be stupid and dead! Think of over a quarter of a million families who have lost a loved one – it is not a fake virus. Thanks to Disney for having safety as a priority!

      1. Michelle Anderson

        Is it kind that the depression rate among 20 year olds is sky high? Why are people who wear masks religiously still getting Covid? These are inconvenient scientific truths that are not being discussed enough. Everything in this article has been shoved down our throats and in our face day after day. I also think it’s scary that Biden’s Covid task force pick wrote “Why I Hope to Die at 75” because according to him people at that age are useless. That’s also an inconvenient truth. Why have so many officials been caught not wearing masks?

        1. Daddy Piranha

          Meh, what has your panties in such a twist? It’s just a hoax, right? It disappeared November 4th, right?

        2. EricJ

          Wow, 20yo’s depressed? That IS serious! 😉

          (I don’t watch Fox News, btw, so thank you for updating us on EVERYTHING they’ve told you over the last six months. Didn’t have to put it all in one post, though.

          1. Michelle Anderson

            You must not have gotten the memo. Fox is out of favor. 🙃

    2. Mark

      Michelle you and everyone else its not disney rule its a world wide rule! Stop the nonsense! And enjoy your bubble where people are not sick and dying!

    3. Matt

      Michelle Anderson is always a negative Karen on this site. I wouldn’t pay attention to her

      1. Michelle Anderson

        I’ve noticed that those who don’t want to discuss issues like adults often result to name calling right away. As usual you don’t disappoint.

        1. Michelle Anderson

          resort to, not result to

        2. Daddy Piranha

          Adults respond to people at the level that they understand. If your behavior is causing people to treat you like a child, maybe this is an opportunity for self-reflection.

          1. EricJ

            Or, as my fictitious aunt/grandma used to say, “If everywhere you walk is a minefield, check to see you’re not wearing exploding shoes.”

    4. EricJ

      Well, now, see, if you’d been wearing a mask, you wouldn’t have to WORRY about throwing up in your mouth.

      (Btw, “There’s Something About Mary” was twenty-five years ago. You can stop throwing up in your mouth now.
      It’s called “Acid reflux”, anyway.)

  2. harry

    I am not ok with masks in the parks because I have seen evidence showing that masks don’t help as much as everyone is saying. It’s more of a placebo giving people an illusion of safety.
    I am a person willing to listen and if you don’t call me a psycho grandma killer (among other insults)
    I will have respect for your opinion

  3. Dylan Wentworth

    I love that Cinderella quote.

    As for the masks, it would have been a good idea even before covid during winter months. And clearly it can be a form of individual expression just like t-shirts or other apparel.

    1. bob

      ew god no
      Hey guys check it out I got the new mask
      I hate these things
      sure for the winter months when the flu still existed (because it’s miraculously disappeared this year) it may have been a good idea
      but i draw the line at a FASHION STATEMENT?!?!?!
      t shirts and other apparal are good but masks are just placebo that I wear only to be allowed entry but never by choice
      My school-required so I wear it
      My local target- doesn’t require it so I don’t wear it
      Placebos may work for you but leave me out of that

  4. Darth Obvious

    You sheep keep wearing your masks! You know, the ones that say “does not prevent the transmission of disease” right on the box!!

    1. Jamie

      And i hope you and everyone whom doesnt wear one goes back to your lala land soon you can not go anywhere wo wearing one! You also know its not a sheep thing! Oh and sheeps go to heaven you keep being the goat i hope you die so my friend and family can come back oh wait nor can 200k people that died!!!! Do your part or die thats your only choices now!

      1. Darth "jamie is an idiot"

        bahhhh bahhhh bahhhh, i think we both know who’s living in lala land 🙂

      2. harry

        I just wanna know
        did you lose anyone from this virus cause from what you typed it looks like you did and if so I am sorry you had that happen to you truly
        That shouldn’t have to happen to anyone and I’m truly sorry for your loss💞💞💞💞
        no arguments just love cause you sound like you need it

  5. Scarlet

    What I don’t like is the implication that I am not kind and don’t care about my fellow man if I don’t want to wear a mask. Guilt is not a strategy I respond well to.

    And it is not a “simple” piece of cloth. We have disconnected ourselves from each other. It is a strong message – “you’re gross, dirty, and full of germs. Stay away from me.”

    We are social beings. We were created for each other. It is good to be together.

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