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Disney Plus


  1. EricJ

    Disney publicly crowing about putting ALL its corporate eggs in Disney+’s basket–and all their D+ eggs in Mandalorian’s basket–sounds a little…familiar to longtime Disney fans.

    Like, the time Disney was so proud of their pop-trend “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” ratings, Michael Eisner made ABC show it seven nights a week.
    It didn’t turn out well for ABC or Eisner.

  2. Ken G

    I think Netflix vs. Disney+ is not much of a fair comparison. Not only are they after very different viewers, one has been around for over a decade and the other 1 year.

    I think a better comparison would be with Apple TV+, and with that Disney+ blows the doors off Apple TV+.

    We are huge Apple fans and have multiples of all their devices and because about 5 months ago we got a new MacBook Pro we have Apple’s service for free. And yet the only thing we’ve watched on it was this week – The Great Pumpkin! Seeing their previews and trailers I just find their shows over-wrought and full of themselves.
    (It is rumored Apple is looking to partner or outright buy a studio which they need to get legacy films and up their audience base.)

    As you pointed out, production has certainly been stalled for Disney+, yet to me they offer a huge amount entertainment. yes, a lot geared to families, but that is the point of it! And if you pull away the the original series on Netflix, you’re going to find a lot of cooking and baking shows (fine with me – I like those).

    I do not have Hulu so I can’t comment on that, but besides Disney we have Prime and Netflix. Between all of them over this last year it is Disney+ hands down we watch the most. And to me it just keeps getting better and will continue to do so.

    1. EricJ

      Isn’t Apple and Disney still connected through Pixar, or did that end with Steve Jobs?
      (Remember when iTunes was starting out, and the only movies you COULD get were Disney/Pixar ones?)

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