Comments for Olaf’s Recap of 2020 Election Coming Soon, Hints Josh Gad


  1. Cabo

    That would be a hard NO. It surprises me some people fail to acknowledge that while HALF of our brothers and sisters in the nation are celebrating a new presidency, there is another HALF of our brothers and sisters that are troubled by the outcome. This should be a time to begin healing… not rubbing a victory in the faces of those who may genuinely be concerned about this outcome… especially using a beloved character that CAN provide levity and healing and unity through entertainment. This is the kind of tone deaf-ness that Trump was criticized for in his term. I hope Gad doesn’t do this and that all of Hollywood understands this.

    1. Darth Historian

      So true.

      Like after the Civil War, half the nation was still reeling from its loss of government-sanctioned slavery. Instead of rubbing this loss in their faces, President Andrew Johnson pardoned these racist foot soldiers for their terrorist activities, thus helping begin to heal the nation.

    2. Mark Kaplan

      The left are pretty good at showboating and glorifying anarchy as a positive change for America. Its disturbing that you have all of Hollywood elite including those like Alyssa Milano, Zendaya Coleman, Josh Gad, and so on who have no education or degree in political science and think they can predict the outcome of the elections while force feeding opinions onto everyone. What many don’t seem to understand and you won’t find this in left winged media companies like Walt Disney Studios, CNN, and now Fox is they are not in the legal right to forecast and validate who won the election. They (the left winged media I mentioned) took it upon themselves to appease the masses and declare presumptuously Biden the winner, when in reality that still needs to be legally validated by the Supreme Court.

      This is far from over and the only news media that has not joined in on this showboating bandwagon is Newsmax.

      This is why I screen show carefully on Disney these days and why I only let my son watch movies from the Golden Age of Disney and the Disney Renaissance. This is not the Disney Studio I grew up with. It is irresponsible for any mega media corporation to display this kind of immaturity to our future generation.

      To performers like Josh Gad and all of Disney, politics is never your strong point as it is proof in your most recent box office sales. You stick to entertainment, and the American people will stick to thinking outside the fantasy box. Okay?

      1. Darth Historian

        The Supreme Court doesn’t validate anything regarding the Electoral College. In extreme cases, they may be called upon to answer a legal question (as in Bush v. Gore) but the actual “validating” is done during January in Congress by the Vice President, which in this case, will be Mr. Pence.

        Everybody can appreciate the content of what you’re saying. But it’s even better when your facts are correct.

  2. Michelle Anderson

    I’m told in the media daily I’m not allowed to think or say certain things. AOC wants to compile a list of people who supported Trump, and no democrat is condemning what she said. Michelle Obama says she wants unity, but her words completely imply conformity. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see they want to round us up and “put us away.” Because that always ends well in history. If more power grabs happen and my constitutional freedoms start to get even more infringed upon, I hope and pray my state secedes from the union.

    1. Darth Historian

      Feel free on this board to think and say ALL those certain things here. We’d really like to hear every one of them.

      Some of those certain things you want to think and say obviously include your feelings about rounding up people. You must be completely outraged at how Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Chinese and Jews have been treated throughout history. We’re sure your outrage spills over into how they are still being treated now as well. Good for you!

      1. Michelle Anderson

        So what you’re saying is that it was bad for those people to be rounded up (which it was), but that it’s OK for us to be rounded up, right? Obviously, you aren’t outraged about that. Good for you! Your bigotry is showing.

  3. Rick

    If celebrities vocalize their opinions through Disney characters I believe this will be Disney’s downfall. Hopefully the company will realize this sooner than later.

  4. J.

    No! Please don’t. Please keep Olaf out of it. Entertainment is supposed to be an escape from crap like politics.

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