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Cinderella Castle


  1. I prefer the lights on the castle. The only projection show I liked was the Star Wars show at Hollywood Studios. I think the real reason that Disney elected to go with a projection is because they can do it with less employees. It’s reflective of all the layoffs. A projection light show on the castle and no fireworks is definitely more cost effective. Not a fan.

    1. Amy

      I’m with you on that thought Beautiful Gorgeous. Bring those dream lights back Disney!!! You could have done it without an opening show this year by just flipping on the switch. They would make us much happier than thise subdued projection lights.

  2. Michael Dunigan

    Never been to WDW for either. But we are going for Christmas this year. So…I applaud Disney for doing anything. But given the fact that the Christmas parade has been consistently the same each and every year….. I dunno… It seems nice that they change it up. But I guess they can’t please everyone. Just glad they will be open and we have our health this year.

  3. Steve

    The lights hands down , the projections are ok I guess but no where near as good as the lights , if they wanted to give guests some change n options do both n run the projections for 5 minutes each so 40 mins lights 20 mins projection routine

  4. Paul

    I prefer the ice lights as well. Its more spectacular. And definitely exudes Disney Christmas Magic

  5. KenR

    The projection technology is starting to feel overused. It think it is really cool and love what they can do but I like the lights better and think a combination is better. I also think that the Wishes firework show was a far superior night time show than Happily Ever after as the music, and story were complex, moving, and emotional. The best night time entertainment was the SpectroMagic/Wishes line up. Throw in Celebrate the Magic and you have a home run. But back to the Christmas lights, I hope they bring them back in 2021.

  6. Carol

    They do projections on the castle with the dream lights on it every other year. They just turn them off. Why couldn’t they do both? Definitely missing the dream lights.

  7. Debby7

    The lights are much more magical. The Projections seem cheap and gimmicky. Disney has a history of eliminating popular light displays in the parks, Epcot’s Lights of Winter, the Osborne lights at Studios. Hope the castle lights return and Disney isn’t cheaping out again!

  8. Jodi

    I prefer the ice. People see projections everywhere, from tv, phones, billboards, virtual reality, but rarely get to see things like lights draped over a castle. What they did was like dressing down the princesses and having them walk among the rest of the guests. They lost the magic of it.

  9. Julie W.

    I agree that the projections are overused. The castle with all the lights is definitely more magical and appropriate for the holidays. WDW has been becoming a little less magical for the holidays over the several years now….it started with doing away with the Osborne lights at the studios.

  10. Ned

    The lights are MAGICAL ! I still miss the Osborne lights. If they don’t bring back the lights for next holiday season, I’m cancelling my vacation.

    1. Alysha Leverett

      Gimme the lights! The projections are too busy

  11. SG

    I think they should use the projections for Christmas and the Frozen Ice castle for New Year’s until spring! I love them botha

    1. Christel

      This was the year I was going to go just to see the icicle lights.
      Another 2020 dream down the drain.
      2020 -10
      Me- 5

  12. Spence

    It is very different to say the least, ever changing matching everything else that’s going on at Disney not all for the good. The lights on the castle are more magical and in tune with the season.

    1. Caroline

      The lights win.. please rethink the projections they are not a amazing.

  13. Ana

    Please return the Christmas lights! The projections are overused, they are on so many rides and attractions already. There’s no true substance to them.
    You already destroyed Christmas in Hollywood studios when the Osborne lights were taken down.
    Magic Kingdom also lost Christmas magic when you changed the whole look and feeling of the bakery on Main Street
    Very disappointed in Disney.

  14. Mary

    I like how she says ‘we want to give the people the option of seeing something more than pretty lights.’ No thanks. I agree its due to layoffs. This really disappointed me. You just turn the lights on …just like they will do with the projections. Dont need a show to do it. I do appreciate them doing something. It just saddens me. We are coming for our first Christmas visit. Im sure evrrything will still be wonderful!

  15. Paula

    I’m a shareholder and DVC member. What were they thinking this year of all years. First the lousy repaint job of the Castle. Now this? Oh and don’t forget the Osborne lights at HS. Jeez.

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