Comments for Disney May Send Latest Live-Action Remakes Straight to Disney+

are more major films coming to disney+

Credit: Disney/ITM


  1. Cody Fairless-Lee

    Theaters please!

  2. Thomas

    Of course they’re going to Disney+, the idea that it’s ‘just a consideration’ is hilarious. Though, if the previous remakes are anything to go by, it’s no big loss, the remakes aren’t anywhere near as good as the originals, and the lack of originality shines through. I mean, the live action Aladdin – Jafar is attractive (I’d argue, better looking than Aladdin). And Dumbo, the heart of the movie is completely lost in the remake, a Tim Burton direction of the Pink Elephants sequence on paper sounds like something absolutely epic, but it was a damp squib. I even missed the crows!

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