Comments for Laugh Floor Signs Being Removed – Could This Mean Permanent Closure?

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Credit: Disney/ITM Katrina


  1. Jasonbres

    Not so fast. Remember when the Voyage of the Little Mermaid billboard was removed only for Disney to reveal that it was only being cleaned up or something? Maybe that’s what’s happening here. So don’t count your chickens.

    1. EricJ

      Yeah, I’m guessing it’s for the layoff duration.
      After Stitch, I was getting some hopes up for “See, this is what HAPPENS to fan-demanded attractions!”, but sounds like it’s just routine.

  2. jerry

    I have an upcoming trip and wonder whats going to be left?

    We kept our reservations because the ride wait times were low and now that seems to be fading.

    Long waits for the buses, no shows, limited dining options and long lines. Makes me start second guessing our decision to keep our reservations.

    1. Jerry, same here, I was on the fence for our trip for first week in December and with wait times the way they are and no shows, no fireworks, limited dining reduced hours, no hopping and wearing of masks all day, I am sure to cancel this week.

  3. Janice Berdahl

    This is a great show with lots of laughs from the audience. The characters on stage are constantly looking for people to be surprised that they become part of the show.

  4. Great show! Audience becomes part of the show! Characters on stage are always looking for people in the audience to surprise as part of the show.

  5. Michael Neal

    The laugh floor was always a multiple must fo. Please bring it back.

  6. J.

    No! I love the laugh floor. The interacting with the audience is the best part. I hope this is only temporary.

  7. SG

    We love the Laugh Floor. Please keep it!
    And please fix The People Mover!

  8. Susan

    I can’t believe I froze when all of a sudden I saw my face on the screen! It was fun but boy was I nervous. We go to the show every single time we visit Magic Kingdom and would be heartbroken if the show closed for good. I set up my boyfriend to get picked too-just sit at one of the lights! Not everyone will get picked but your chances are decent.

  9. Matt Brewster

    I always felt that this was a rather bland show, since most of the jokes are provided BY THE AUDIENCE, rather than writers. Guests should receive professionally produced entertainment! For what they must pay to be in the park, guests deserve much better. So, I hope they BRING BACK CIRCLEVISION!!!

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