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  1. EricJ

    In the current Disney+ climate of “It’s all about Baby Yoda and Wandavision!” (oh, I’m sorry, “Grogu”), fans have a right to campaign for ANY vintage Disney content on Disney+, as opposed to more National Geographic.

    I’m guessing most of their 90’s work is tied up in Silver Screen Partners ownership issues–
    But there’s speculation that “Make Mine Music” may be getting the same last-minute re-restoration that “Melody Time” got when it showed up, and that’s what’s holding up the Disney Movie Club Exclusive Blu-ray (which, of course, will be a double-feature), that most vintage movies “have” to get before streaming hi-def on D+.

  2. harry

    I want song of the south on disney+
    I know it won’t happen but i wanna see the movie to see for myself how justified this retheme of splash mountain really is

    1. TRE

      You can find “Song of the South” on YouTube.

  3. David mcabee

    How about Man and the Moon, Tricks of our Trade, Ben and Me, Toby Tyler, and DEFINITELY Make Mine Music.

  4. Darth Notices


    Any reason THAT’S not on the list?

    Oh, Something Wicked This Way Comes and the Original Star Wars Holiday Special too. Then, we’re done.

  5. Alicia

    I want to see Make Mine Music, more Mickey Mouse Club, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (that show was good), and Pepper Ann

  6. Robert Craig

    I saw no mention of The Wonderful World of Color or The Wonderful World of Disney, it’s only 29 years worth of Vintage Disney. I would’ve thought that would be Mandatory for a total Disney streaming app. As a Baby boomer, my generation deserves to see these again, as we’re not getting any younger!

  7. BE

    They also need Enchanted on there and Wish Upon a Star! Also could you put the live action Cinderella back on! I swear it was only there for a month at most.

  8. Rain

    This list of demanded content is also incomplete. There is even more that is missing from the list.
    For instance, ALL the shows that aired on the Disney Channel since it’s debut in 1983 that Disney owns the rights to, in addition to all disney related content released since the beginning of the Walt Disney Company.
    A few that come to mind that I did not see on that list like the entire library (volumes) of the Disney sing alongs content,(my fave was always vol. 5 fun with music), and what about kids incorporated, the mickey mouse club, the all new mickey mouse club, adventures in wonderland, mother goose rock n rhyme,
    All of the playhouse disney content and there is soooo much more than what is on that list of demands…

  9. Matthew Brewster

    I want Disney+ to feature the entire of the Disneyland, Walt Disney Presents and Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color TV series, as well as the Disney Family Album series from the 80s.

  10. Lala

    They completely forgot brandy and mr whiskers

  11. Tim

    Honey I shrunk the kids the tv show was missing as well

  12. Stephanie

    I would love to have those shows back on, in addition to the Sing Me a Story with Belle series. Those are the shows I grew up with, plus they do have the Little Mermaid series on there so why not the other series including princesses?

  13. HANS

    These are the shows & films that should be on Disney+:
    • Dog with a Blog
    • Aladdin: The Series
    • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
    • Enchanted
    • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
    • Camp Lakebottom
    • Cory in the House

    That’s all I got so far! These were content from Disney & they deserved to be on the platform

  14. Natosha

    Still no Kids Inc. or Dumbo’s Circus, Pepper Ann, and Under the Umbrella Tree. Would love to see all of those on there along with Ocean Girl and The Torkelson’s.

  15. Courtney

    Put Pepper Ann on Disney+ already!

  16. Meagan

    I’m ready for them to add Pepper Ann! Also, where’s Bear in the Big Blue House and PB&J Otter? Back in the day Care Bears Family used to air on the Disney Channel. I wish they could bring that back as well.

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