Comments for Disney Minnie Vans Spotted at FL Dealership?

Credit: Disney Parks


  1. John

    This is false. Have contacted the dealer. They are there for maintenance.

    1. Bailee Abell

      Thank you! We have updated our article with the most recent information.

  2. Minnie Van

    This article full of non-factual information causes a lot of needless headache. I guess a car can’t get maintenance performed at a dealership before bogus stories are spread. -Seriously annoyed with garbage

  3. Mikey

    This story sums up everything Inside the Magic is about — false information, unfounded speculation, and nonsensical rumor. ITM posted the story without corroborating ANY of the information in the story. This is what happens when uneducated people think they’re journalists and only care about the number of clicks they can generate with their lies.

    1. harry

      can you lay off already they made the mistake and fixed the article to be more accurate
      If you have a problem with this website
      it is simple really.

  4. Tamara

    They might as well sell them along with the busses and parking lot transports. Disney is not making sense in any of their decisions so far.

  5. SG

    What a waste of a read. In the middle of the article you correct yourself! Why did you bother to publish it? This is a bad reflection on true journalism. ITM editor asleep at the keyboard!

  6. Melanie Durham

    Why can’t you people give them a break? They made a mistake, went back and fixed it! Back off! If you don’t like it, stop reading!

  7. SeriouslyTho

    As a laid off Minnie Van CM it is so stupid how this couldn’t be verified beforehand. Earlier this year the 2017 minnie vans were unwrapped and sent back to Chevy. All of them are leases and get maintenence at the dealerships. SMH

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