Comments for McDonald’s Brings Back Disney World Happy Meal Toys


  1. Cindy

    McDonald’s( x )Disney World toys are back.
    Please put (and) instead of (x) it does not appeal to a reader. It looks very unprofessional. Thank you. Great article in all regards.

  2. brandon

    This must only be at select locations. As of 11/30 none of my local Mcds have gotten them back.

  3. Brandon

    The image attached to that tweet is one of the OLD toys.
    The new toys have the Ticket removed from the bags.
    Some of the restaurants are still selling the old ones.
    As a matter of fact, I bought the rocket ship one yesterday 12/2 and it was one of the old ones.
    Then I went to a different store and found a new Number 9… No ticket insert.
    So I think this person in your story just happened to get lucky that her store was still giving the old ones out.

  4. ilene

    I went to 4 different McDonalds locations today and was told by each one that the toys were recalled and are NOT coming back! I am referring to the Mickey Mouse ones! Any info out there ???

  5. Tonya

    Yeah 12/15 and 4 McD in my area still don’t have them available.

  6. Steven

    Just wanted to see how long this promo is running for. I tried to get one, but like the other comments mentioned, failed, and wanted to know if it is now too late. I see that the new promo is for “Soul,” I believe. Thanks…

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