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  1. Caleb

    If that’s true, then yeah sorry not watching that.

    1. Heterosexual


    2. Me either-how nauseating

      1. Bettina

        I agree

    3. Meagan

      You do know that in mythology, Loki is the father of a serpent, wolf, and a six legged horse…right? Loki can shapeshift into in species and/or gender in mythology. Him being bi is actually a but toned down for Loki…

  2. Adam

    Loki is a canonically pansexual and gender fluid character. They love to mess with people’s heads!

  3. Paul

    If this is true then yay! for Disney+! I was looking forward to this series before, but if true, it would be a great development arc for the character.

  4. TacoCat

    Well, I think I am done with the human race. This slippery slope is getting really slippery. Getting “hotter” all the time. Starting to feel the burn around the edges.

  5. Marsha

    Why is Disney pushing for something like this? Leave the Character ALONE!

    1. Lily

      Well, genius, it’s how his character was written in Norse mythology, so, take it up with them.

  6. Ed

    Walt would not be happy
    This is not appropriate, there’s enough disgusting trash on line now, keep it out of the Disney name

  7. Me

    Omg! Stop it.

  8. JJ

    If he’s sleeping with the opposite gender of whatever gender he happens to be, then they’re going to be portraying him as entirely straight in the body that he’s in at the time (for you homophobic jackholes). He’s just going to be able to genderbend himself (and considering in the mythology, he could turn himself into animals, and screw them – thus being the mother/father to a serpent, a wolf and n eight legged horse, this is fairly tame – though disappointing that it means a lot less Hiddleston since we’re getting Lady Loki & kid Loki in this series). I’d be far more interested seeing Hiddleston be sexually attracted to male characters/have male lovers on the show. The world needs more bi men who can pass as straight being shown on TV as an acceptable thing.

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