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  1. Paul

    As long as Disney parks can implement the virtual queues reliably and with good functionality, who can argue with minimal line waiting?

  2. Gwen

    I personally don’t want more digital waiting lines. They’ve been testing Standby Pass here in Disneyland Paris and it’s been a MESS : either you just can’t get a ticket and can’t have access to your favorite ride at all, or you have the option to get one but not knowing when you’re supposed to go there. If they extend virtual waiting lines, then what do we do? We have to plan our entire day? We can’t come and have a mobile-free time to enjoy ourselves anymore? Me and a lot of other guests like to go to Disneyland to get away from screens and have a magical time, be in another world for a while, and we like to choose the rides we want to do on the spot. If we have to keep our eyes on the phone and the clock and stress all day because we have to get tickets or make sure we make it in time for the ride… where’s the magic in that?

  3. Kim

    I hope not!!!!! What happens if you pay to get in but can’t get in a group to ride what you want? How disappointing would that be? Can you imagine taking your child and they don’t get to ride what they wanted to ride. I prefer the fast passes and then wait for anything else I want to ride.

  4. SG

    Since WDW increased the percentage allowed in the parks we aren’t going back until Fast Pass or this talk of virtual ques happens. It’s a total waste of time.
    And I’m getting tested for COVID tomorrow (we got the flu vaccine a month ago, it feels like I have a cold) and dining in Disney was the only place we took off our masks. So yeah, WDW or anywhere indoors in Florida will expose you to a virus. Beware.

  5. Cookie Wright

    A virtual queue doesn’t guarantee you can ride an attraction when you want. The virtual queues choose a time for you…and that’s if you’re lucky enough to get in the queue at all. Have been several times and never gotten to ride Rise. All spots gone within seconds. How will virtual queues help with other attractions? And how many will you be able to join at a time? Fast Pass system or waiting in line still seems better.

  6. Judy Davidson

    Virtual lines would be awful! We were almost to Tower of Terror, after a long day of walking, when our notification came in for Rise of the Resistance. Can you imagine having to zigzag back and forth across the Parks numerous times, depending on which virtual line becomes available???

  7. Indy

    Agree that all virtut queue would be awful. If you can only get in one at a time then it MIGHT be better, however you still end up with everyone jammed out in the walkways because they are not being swallowed up in the queues . It’s just not a good system because it increases crowding in the parks. You can’t be in multiple places at once in real life so making it so via virtual queues (and yes Fastpass too) just makes things worse

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